What is cms?

Today, among the types of earnings is gaining popularity e-commerce: all sorts of online shopping, forums, information sites. In order to successfully carry out its, you need to create your own website. Here comes to the rescue and this mysterious CMS.

What is cms?

What is cms

What is cms

It's not every site owner is a computer genius, and manage your online store in some way need: add item, change the price, post news about promotions and discounts. With all this copes CMS.

CMS is a software program, which helps the average user PC power the pages of your site, without attracting experienced developers. In English the word CMS means “content management system”- Content Management System. It was created when, when the ancient sites of the two pages of printed text began to turn into a colorful web documents, containing a pictures, video and animation in addition to plain text. Now CMS eliminates the many difficulties. After using to build their own content management system, you do not have to learn this obscure HTML markup and programming language.

Today, there are two types of programs: both free and paid. First the good, that provide support to the program creators, its frequent updates, ensures data security. Such programs are increasingly being used by large companies or corporations.

Free have their main advantage – the availability and ease of management.

CMS usually has two parts:

  • back office – allows you to store information and use it when necessary.
  • front-office – ensures the appearance of the page, user-friendly.

The system works on the principle of separation: site content and site design. It is very convenient, because the design of the site, usually, is set only once and do not change. Content may change as the site and updated almost every hour.

CMS is convenient, that has in its stock a huge number of sample pages, so you can create the “face” of your website. And using WYSIWYG editor, which is similar to a plain text editor, you will be able to ask all the data on your site.

And most importantly, that no content management system does not require special software, as it is known on the server and you can use it through a standard browser.

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