What is an avatar and how to download?

To date, the Internet has dozens of social networks, as well as many thousands of sites. almost everywhere, whether it is a social network or a regular thematic site, requires registration, you will be prompted to create an account and upload your avatar. But what is it?

Avatar – what is it?

To begin with we shall understand that, what it is and how to upload an avatar. And so the avatar is a picture or just a picture, used to account or a blog user can easily find friends and colleagues. The photo, usually, describes the page owner.
Now a closer look at the question of whether, how to upload avatars. To do this, take a few social networks:

  • ask.ru;
  • Twitter;
  • classmates;
  • in contact with.

How to upload an avatar's answers

Unfortunately, in this topic, this site has become a problem. Quite often there are errors or any defects in the system. Still, you can upload your photos. To do this, you need to take a certain format: JPEG, GIF и PNG. There are cases when at the time of loading nothing is displayed, it means that your browser is out of date and needs to be updated, any change at all, a newer. If you load an avatar through a wire it does not work, just try to take a photo and drag it into the download window.

Then you need to reduce the size of photos, since there are certain restrictions on that site, how much weight an avatar and what his size. Upload photos for a long enough time so, eg, within half an hour you can upload only one photo.


Chat with friends on Twitter, you can make a really unique and interesting. In order to change my page and give it a more lively look you can upload an avatar. To do this, go to the settings page and select the profile menu.

Here too there are certain formats, which can be downloaded JPEG, GIF и PNG. Maximum upload size is 700KB photo. Just recently you can not download the animated image. After the selected photo will be uploaded to the site do not forget to press the save button. If this is not done, photo just will not be saved in your profile and will have to repass the download procedure.


Today it is one of the most popular social. networking. Here you can absolutely share any photos with your friends. Upload an avatar on the site is quite simple. On the main page under the photo is a button" add photo". You need to click on it, later in the review window, select the desired image and press the download. Within a few seconds (depending on your internet connection) Photo boots. Just as in the previous social network, You will need to save it. Using special software, you can decorate a photo, insert it in the frame, eg.

In contact with

How to upload an avatar in contact probably know all. After all, more than a million people have been registered in the social network. It is simple enough. Under the main photo is the inscription download photo. selecting it, you get into your computer menu, where you can select the number of photos. After uploading photos you can crop, to turn, and even a note on it friends.
As we can see the upload avatar easy enough, and make it able to absolutely everyone. Share with your friends your photo, put evaluation, vote, and there is not any doubt, that the presence in social networks, and just on the sites, It will bring you a real pleasure!

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