What's a Google Account

аккаунт google

A Google Account provides access to a variety of useful services

Modern Google - it is not just a search engine. Today it is a huge corporation, presents the user a variety of services. To access these services you need to create an account.

What's a Google Account

Account - the user account, which appears after the registration. ie. means to create an account to register with Google. Google feature is, that full access to all services need only one account.

Create a Google Account is easy. Simply make a post on this resource. And all! The mailing address is the user name on all Google properties, and password from the mail - the password to all services.

Which services provides access to your Google Account

  • post office. The mailing address of the type вашадрес@gmail.com . By the way, mail addresses on this service are well respected in the various companies and organizations.
  • YouTube. Needs no introduction. A Google Account allows you to open your YouTube channel without additional registration
  • Blogger. You can create and manage blogs
  • g+. This is a social network of Google. In RuNet it is not particularly popular
  • Android. In order to begin to fully use your phone or tablet based on Android OS, you need to create a Google Account

it, perhaps, the most important and most interesting services, to which access is necessary to sign up for Google.

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