What is the e-mail address

Painful to remember those days, when he had to stand in huge queues, to send a letter to the addressee. Often the mail is used not only for sending emails, as well as for the payment of checks and other transfers. In this regard, the post office has come more and more people.

Fortunately there was an invention for us, as the Internet. And along with them have become the most popular email. In this article, we discussed the, how to write a letter to the teacher, Now let's talk about, What is e-mail address.

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What is the e-mail address

What is the e-mail address

Before you answer the question, will understand, why do we need to know the address of your mail. The thing is, it's basic information, which gives us the opportunity to communicate with friends and colleagues. Us it is presented as a set of letters and numbers, and the computer sees it as a special code.

Imagine, you do not know, where do you live. As you could invite your friends to dinner or to order delivery to your home? In fact of the matter, that way. E-mail address takes the same value, he needed to, to people, with whom you communicate, I know where to send a parcel or message. Below will understand in more detail the, What is the e-mail address.

E-mail address and its value

Sam address, which sees regular user consists of 3 parts:

  1. In first place is the user name or the so-called login. This is the name you pick and choose depending on their needs and desires. But there is one limitation – the user ID must be absolutely unique, i.e., if the service registered under the same name – “Natasha1”, then you will not be able to select it. Therefore, at this stage of registration will have to dream up a little.
  2. The next item is called “dog”, and he looks so – “@”. This symbol is a distinctive e-mail sign. For the first time it began to be consumed in 1972 year, and since it has become quite popular, that it decided to leave. by the way, the sign “@” is translated into Russian as “et”.
  3. Next is the server name, which presents you with this service. The most popular at the moment: Mail.ru, Yandex.ru, Rambler.ru etc..

Now you know, What is e-mail address. Here is a sample of his species – “Primer@mail.ru”.

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