What does the line


User is online

The word line is now used in different situations, but the total value of one of its: online. In this article, we'll consider, in some cases, use of the word online.

User is online

This post on the forums, in social networks, on Skype, ICQ and other similar services is, Now that the user is on the network and on this website. This status indicates, that people will read your message right away and be able to answer it.

Online service

Today there are many service, which can be ordered via the Internet. sites, Where does such orders are called online services. These include a variety of services on request tickets, purchase virtual goods (prepaid cards, etc.).

Online Games

So called game, in which the game is played only with other people through the Internet. Quite a number of these games are gaining huge popularity among gamers. for example, World of Warcraft, World of Tanks t.p.
In short, Online word covers all, what can be done, while in the Internet. In contrast to it there is a term Offline (offline), which characterizes the, what can be done in real life (eg, buy bread in the store across the street).

online mode

Many computer programs (and applications for mobile phones and tablets) require an internet connection to perform certain functions. When the program runs through the Network, this is called a job online.

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