What to write in "Vkontakte" in status - some tips

Статус в "Вкотакте"Under the status information line refers to a small user profile in the networks, chats and forums. therefore, many of us are interested in, what to write in "Vkontakte" status?

Someone uses a quote for this purpose, a thought or a line from a song. And someone writes a favorite aphorism. Anyway, written text should contain the user's emotional state, maximum reflecting state and mood. Some network newbies seek the help of search engines. However, it is hardly possible to find original ideas. It is not necessary to copy other people's thoughts. It is better to share with other users something unique, his.

What is allowed to write in the status of?

What to write in "Vkontakte" status, know not all users of the network. In such cases, allowed to use:

  1. Quotes of famous personalities - take such statements can be on different sites. It can be words of historians, philosophers, poets, writers and other celebrities. They should contain the wisdom and meaning. Quotes are in comic form and the meaning of life. For example, "Climb higher and jump into the abyss. The wings will appear during the flight" – ray Bradbury.Пример статуса
  2. Aphorisms - short, the original, complete thoughts, which are easy to remember. Many aphorisms came to the people. For example, "The highest wisdom is to know himself" – Galileo Galilei.
  3. The lines of the songs - many users cite favorite artists. for example, "The indifference of the, who spits in heart" – poet and musician Diana Arbenina. "The thing that bothers me – to say thank you, that live?"– the words of the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky.
  4. Puzzles and riddles - those people are interested, who like logical thinking. for example, "All day I walked for, and disappeared in the darkness " (answer - shadow).
  5. Unusual and interesting events - such data will be useful to many subscribers.

What to write in "Vkontakte" status can be noted in his notebook. In this case, when you change the mood of the user to quickly be able to change their status.

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