What to write in "Vkontakte": activities - game rules

Many netizens think about the fact, what to write in "Vkontakte": activity? There are several options:

  1. serious job description,
  2. incredible stories, associated with the workflow.

main options

Many users refer to their activities with a joke. For example, online Деятельность в "Вконтакте"you can find such comments: “Breed bees to honey, and the rest – for money”, “Looking for the meaning of life”, “Woodpecker of the keyboard” and so on.
Some users prefer to describe their work in an advertising style: “Sheila, sew, and I will be sewing”.

Anyway, before choosing a style, which will be described activity, you need to decide, will be present in the text or not humor. With a positive response should identify its type: hard, light, thin, in verse form, etc..
What to write in "Vkontakte": activity, each user to decide.

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