What to write about yourself Vkontakte?

To FaceBook acquaintance was effective, personal page acts as your calling card. Thanks to her, you can present yourself, Page attracted to and gave occasion to write to you.

Writing about yourself Vkontakte

Write about yourself in contact

Many people create their pages for the first time, so can be a lot of questions. What to write about yourself Facebook in personal information section in the questionnaire?

Many of us wonder exactly this question. Of course, I do not want platitudes, which have long been fed up with all. monotonous verses, copied from each other statuses ... It's really boring! Without departing from the scope of his or her identity, create a truly unique image.

What we write first

  • In placing their personal data be relevant. On behalf of the data, surname, patronymic, website, Email, phone and passport data you can easily find. Therefore, this important information should not rush to inform all. Confine better name, name, phone number and date of birth. In this case, better to put your personal information privacy, through which information can be seen only friends.
  • To create a good impression, talking about yourself, better use of literate Russian language. May alienate potential friends to use the mat, creating a bad impression about the owner of the page. However, it is feared, and too abstruse expression, so as not to seem smarter than others.
  • To page of interest, it is not necessary to do it too short or too long. If the page much information your friends will be just too lazy to read it, and buying information will not be able to create the desired impression. If there is no purpose, to express their individuality, It can be limited only to the necessary information.
  • Perfectly, if possible avoid platitudes. Memorable quotes, mediocre hobby, express individuality, of course, can not. Invite Friends can highlight, I am writing about a rare hobby in an interesting way, adding a picture.
  • Seeking for honest and sincere communication, You do not need to lie about themselves. After all, you can get to know their fate, be it Vkontakte! During the meeting in real life half learns not truthful description, which can significantly impair a relationship. If Vkontakte chat is just fun, then invent itself can, how much and what you want! The main thing - the whole face of its own, because the social network Vkontakte is one of the most popular, so it is often put to the test.

When filling out a personal profile Vkontakte special attention should be paid to all counts. Section "interests" can tell a lot about your friends. What to write about yourself in Vkontakte "interests" section - so many worries? Thanks to this item,, visit the page in a personal profile will be able to learn about the person more, understand, what he is interested in and what they like.

First of all, you can talk about hobbies, the, What do you do in your spare time. Also in the interests can talk about their loved ones, because each person in your life are close main interest in life. VKontakte most registered users describe hobbies. Fans of restaurants and nightclubs, and avid motorists can describe my hobbies. Everyone can be a wide variety of hobbies. To the profile was more colorful and fun, their enthusiasm can be described in a poetic form and with the help of interesting sayings and aphorisms. In this way, can loudly and beautifully offer up your life interests, and show your guests and friends of the village their intellectual and creative approach.

What interests you can describe itself Vkontakte?

It can be dancing, artistic passion, club life, shopping, family, sport or a loved one. That the interests could interest your friends better describe everything correctly and in detail. users, which match your interests, discuss general topics with you, and this pledge is not simple communication, but also the opportunity to make new friends, communication with them will go smoothly from the virtual to the real life. Just describe their interests, separated by commas, you can, clicking on each separate, see the registered people with similar tastes.

Limited can not really be here. Each person is different, everyone has their own hobbies, music and his own life. Just think, that will interest not only to you, but others. In any case, the Vkontakte page should reveal the identity of the owner and the, who he is. Stuffing can be as you want, then it will be amazing, not like other.

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