What to do, If you forget your password in "Vkontakte" – basic steps

Many users forget their password in "Vkontakte". This usually happens due to the fact, that the website page is always open in the browser window. And if you accidentally signed out user understands, that he forgot my password. What to do, If you forget your password in "Vkontakte"?

Basic methods for solving

Password - Reliable protection from logging in

If a user forgets their password on the network, then it is recommended:

  • on this page, click on the words "Forgot Password?»,
  • enter the E-mail or login, used when registering on the website, by clicking on "Next",
  • also need to enter your phone number, which is tied to your account,
  • a couple of minutes on the phone comes with SMS code. This procedure is free of charge,
  • the code is entered in the column that appears on the site,
  • Enter a new password and repeat,
  • password changed.

If the phone number, which is attached to your account, is not active, then it is recommended to use the following instructions:

  1. click on the login page in "Vkontakte" on the button "Forgot password?»,
  2. filling appeared in the browser form,
  3. attach two photos. One photo must podverzhdaet personality (ie document, certifying the user's identity). In the second photo must be a user on a background of posts on his page.

These methods give positive answers to the, what to do, If you forget your password in "Vkontakte". In this case, Page returns with the name and the name of the downloaded documents.

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