What to do, If you blocked in "Vkontakte" spam - basic ways to deal with

Spam networkBefore you decide, what to do, If you blocked in "Vkontakte" as spam, you must read the message, that appears when you log in:

  • If it says about spam and how, the user must send a text message or to pay a sum of money by the terminal or other methods. Otherwise the bude page removed from the system after a certain time.
  • If the page has been hacked and her spammers, then the user is prompted to change the login password in the network and on the mailbox.

The reasons for the entrance lock

Before we find out the reasons for blocking the entrance, must be considered, that the site "Vkontakte" – free. Therefore, any text message with terminals - this is the first sign of the presence of the virus. For its removal will need to find the folder with the virus. In this case, the path next: Диск СWINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts. Open the hosts file, you can use the notepad. From him all the rows are deleted, containing a record of this site, including blank lines.unlocking pages
If after using the previous steps away message from fraudsters, then logon will be free. Now you need to change your password online, mailbox, install on your computer a good antivirus program. The status is better to write, All references, which were sent to this account - spam.
Another embodiment of the lock page - spamming. In this case, the user can not log into your account a few days. maybe, that the user did not do it.

Then we can conclude, what:

  1. Page was hacked. Lock occurred due to the distribution of the same messages in the discussion on other users wall. maybe, the user is told his friends about the records from spammers,
  2. hacking and sending spam messages.

unlocking methods

There are several effective methods, allowing to solve, what to do, If you blocked in "Vkontakte" as spam. If you log on to your page can not be, and the screen displays a message about the reason for and the period of account suspension, then it is recommended to read carefully. At the bottom of the message should be instructions to restore access to the account.
If you enter the password and login, an error page for the indication of incorrect data, whereas account has been hacked. The installation procedure in this case - a simple. It is recommended to follow the link to regain access to the profile in "Vkontakte". After filling in all fields it is recommended to change your password.

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