What to do, if blocked Classmates?

What a sorrow filled eyes of a man, when he was in anticipation of an interesting dialogue, opens its page in Odnoklassniki and sees, it is locked. Why? This is the first question, which defines the Internet user. The second question is always the same: what to do, if you block Classmates?

Blocked account to Classmates. What to do?

Blocked account to Classmates

What not to do in any case?

If the lock on the page message indicates the proposal to restore it for a certain amount, In no case can not give in to such a trick - it, without a doubt, fraudster. If you send him money, page will not be unlocked, a hacker will get access to your phone, with this information he will attack constantly.

What should I do in such a situation?

to understand, what to do, if blocked Classmates, one must first understand the reason for blocking. They can be mass, by inappropriate behavior on the network to a system failure. But if you - a decent man, and are not generating spam, negative information and not insult other users, the need to fight for their rights. To start, need to check, whether there is no error in the address bar, one incorrect letter can affect the search result. If there is no error, you should do the following:

  • Choose under "My computer" disk drive With, then select the folder WINDOWS system32 drivers etc.
  • Now we need to find the hosts file and click on it right click.
  • Open the Properties list. Here you need to uncheck the column "Read Only" and confirm the change, pressing the "OK".
  • Again, right click the mouse on the file, then selecting "Open" and "Notepad".
  • You need to delete all rows, except for line localhost, save and restart the computer.

Caution, hackers!

To date hacker break-ins have become a serious problem in the vast expanses of the Internet. Their purpose is simple: disrupt the system, or to take advantage of users' personal data for their own intentions, or steal a precious traffic. And in the, In both cases, it is - a very unpleasant victim of hackers. Lock pages in social networks - it is also in many cases the intruders tricks. Now we know, what to do, if blocked Classmates. So what to do, to protect themselves from the threat of hacker hacking? Of course, 100 % protection, Unfortunately, virtually impossible to achieve, but hackers can set a puzzle. To do this,:

  • To install on your computer the latest version of a good virus scan.
  • Regularly conduct a full scan of your computer.
  • If suddenly the computer started to malfunction, switched on and off without a team, give a strange sound and the ppodobnoe, then you need to change the anti-virus, He therefore can not cope with a virus attack and require more complex, modern security system.
  • It is important to come up with for social networking, email complex passwords, containing letters, numbers and symbols.

These simple rules will help you avoid unpleasant situations, When the computer goes into the possession of a third person without your knowledge.

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