What to do, if hacked Classmates?

Action plan

almost every, who knows how to operate a computer and using the Internet, registered in any social network, often just a few. Classmates one of the most popular social networks like any other network is prone to break-ins. hackers, unscrupulous advertisers crack users page, pursuing the goal of obtaining benefits: when you enter your login and password system reports, that page hacked. What to do, if hacked Classmates? Who can I contact for help?

Hacked page on Odnoklassniki?

Hacked page on Odnoklassniki?

Finding hacking your account, need to calm down and start acting:

  • as quickly as possible, you should update your antivirus program and scan personal computer;
  • using the Notepad you need on the disk open the file C:/Windows / system32 / drivers / etc / hosts and carefully check, whether there mention of "Classmates" website; when it detects such a record it is necessary to remove.

A global review

But what to do, if hacked Classmates, browser? Then it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  • to clear the "History" of the browser; almost all well-known browsers, it is located in the upper left corner of the page;
  • restart your computer;
  • to change the password the email, which was indicated when registering on the site Odnoklassniki;
  • then go to Classmates, enter your login and click on "Forgot Password". An email message with a link goes, which runs through, you can recover the password of your account;
  • if after carrying out these steps you are still unable to independently rebuild their page on this website, gently apply to the support of social networks to clarify, what to do, if the hacked account Odnoklassniki.

worth remembering

After successful restoration pages on the site to remember a few simple rules, which further protect your account from unauthorized intruders. These rules:

  • Never ever put a tick on the button "Remember me" next to password on the main pages of sites any social networking, including classmates.
  • To think of passwords as complicated as possible, and classmates, and for e-mail and periodically update their. It must be remembered, which is extremely undesirable to use your birth date and the name as a password.
  • Monitor the timely updating antivirus software on your personal computer, You can change anti-virus, if necessary.
  • Don't fall for the tricks of swindlers, Create a site copy and send notice of assessment, received messages by email or cell phone, said registering on Odnoklassniki, and an invitation to participate in any voting. Usually these websites, fakes interface coincides with the original on 99% and may differ just a single letter, but nevertheless entering your login page, the user just gives your login and password attackers.
  • Not to add strangers or suspicious persons and not to click on links, offers to know any information about themselves, hosted on the network.

Now, learning, what to do, if hacked Classmates, and armed with the information about the prevention of hacking, it is important to prevent the re-lock the account, not to explain to friends, spam and unpleasant information come about burglars face, instead of on your behalf.

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