Cheesecakes in multivarka

23327060Delicate cheesecakes are made of soft cream cheese or cream cheese, type "Mascarpone" or
"Philadelphia". They therefore differ from cheese casseroles more airy texture. In multivarka turn out very tasty cheesecakes, they resemble a light butter cream, with marvelous silky structure. Try to cook!

1. Cherry cheesecake multivarka

To prepare the cheesecake cherry in multivarka, we will need:
Curds syrkovoy - 400 g, eggs - 5 PC., cherry - 0,4 kg, sugar - 0,5-1 c., (taste) starch - 2 Article. l., lemon zest - from 1 lemon.
How to cook cherry cheesecake multivarka?
1. Separate the yolks and whites from beat egg whites in the foam with sugar.
2. Add to syrkovoy mass yolks and mash, Put starch and zest, Mix in a blender at low speed for 3-4 minutes.
3. Add whites and gently stir again until smooth, but not for long. You can not oversaturate lot of air bubbles, it will crack when baking.
4. Lay the paper on the bottom of the cooking bowl Multivarki. Put half the dough, on it, place the cherries, pitted, close their remaining test, Smooth out the surface.
5. Set the "Baking" mode 1 time. after the signal, without opening the lid, let stand in "heating" mode, yet 10-15 minutes and turn off the program. After one hour remove the cup from Multivarki, and he cheesecake remove another hour, gently pulling the edge of the cooking paper.
Decorate the surface of fresh or canned cherries and put on 3 hour in a refrigerator.

  • Similarly can be prepared with any cheesecake berries or fruits.

2. Chocolate cheesecake to multivarka

To prepare the chocolate cheesecake multivarka, we will need:
for the basics: 150 Mr. sand (better with cocoa) cookies, 80-100 g butter, 40 g of nuts.
for the cheesecake: 500 g of natural cheese cream, 150 g milk chocolate, 50 g sahara, 3 st.l. sour cream, 1 st.l. starch, 2 eggs, butter for greasing the bowl.
How to cook chocolate cheesecake in multivarka?
1. Make basis for cheesecake. Grind the cookies into crumbs using a food processor or a rolling pin, nuts are lightly fry in a skillet and ChocolateCheesecake 2grind. Melt butter in a water bath. mix butter, cookies and nuts to the dough.
2. Multivarki bowl greased with butter. Cut two strips of cooking paper, width 10 cm, and long - 50 cm. Put them in a bowl wise, and output ends up, s constipation can be at the edge of the bowl pryschepkamy. The ends of the parchment is then easy to remove the cheesecake from the cup.
3. Lay the foundation for the cheesecake on top of the parchment and tamp it bottomed glass. You can make small bumpers on the edges.
4. Cheesecake filling start to melt chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave.
5. Whisk cream cheese with a mixer or corolla with sugar, best small crystal (or powdered sugar), at low speed. add the eggs, Continuing to whisk at the same low speed, then sour cream, melted, but cooled until warm chocolate and starch. Do not whip the mixture for a long time, otherwise it may crack during baking due to the large number of air bubbles.
6. Carefully pour the mass on the basis of, which is in the bowl, Smooth out the surface.
7. Remove the clothespins and close the lid. Bake in "Baking" program for 1 time. Cover is not open yet 20 minutes, then remove the bowl and let it cool 15-20 minutes. note, cheesecake that the middle may be liquid, it gradually thickens, it should not be completely dopekat, it will crack.
8. pull cheesecake, Gently take hold of the ends of the parchment, and let it cool down completely on the table. Remove the cooking parchment and put the cheesecake in the refrigerator 6-8 hours, it will be very soft and creamy consistency. Top cover it with cling film.
9. When serving sprinkle with grated chocolate cheesecake, or fill the top with chocolate glaze.

Cooking Tips:

  • Melt the chocolate and can multivarka, pouring water into the cup to the bottom mark and setting the broken bowl with chocolate in a double boiler pan to. Enable mode "Steaming" and wait for melting chocolate, Stir it with a spatula until complete melting.

3. Cheesecake with jelly and oranges in multivarka

To prepare the cheesecake with jelly and oranges in multivarka, we will need:
for the basics: 300 Mr. shortcake, 100 g butter, 1 egg.
For the filling: 0,5 kg cheese curd (rikotta), 50 ml cream 20%, 3 eggs, 150 g sugar or powdered sugar, a bag of vanilla sugar.
How to cook cheesecake with oranges in multivarka?
1. Done basis: biscuits with a rolling pin or grind in a food processor, add the melted butter and the egg, stir until evenly status.
2. Bowl Multivarki grease a small amount of butter, laid in her two strips of paper confectionery, as in the previous recipe, and rammed the bottom of the base for cheesecake, you can make a small bumpers.
3. For the filling, mix whisk in a bowl the ricotta, icing sugar, vanilla sugar, cream, then trying to drive one egg, continuing to mix.
4. Mass for filling spread on the basis of cheesecake in a bowl, close the lid. Put the "Baking" mode 1 hour and bake. Cover is not open yet 1 time, switched off "heating" mode, lifts the lid and held for an additional 1 time, then carefully remove to a dish.
5. Decorate with orange slices and pour the orange jelly. Put in the fridge for 3-5 hours.
6. To make jelly ½ tbsp. gelatin pour the boiled cold water (0,5 c.) and leave to swell, about 40 minutes. Stir and bring on low heat until almost boiling, until complete dissolution, while stirring, then strain. Add orange juice to the volume 200 ml and a teaspoon pour the cooled slightly orange jelly on surface and cheesecake.

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