The impact drill is different from the gun and it is better to select the non-professional?

Usually, for, to drill holes in concrete or masonry, using a hammer drill or puncher. The principle of operation of these devices It is in the rotation of the drill, accompanied by the punches in the direction of the axis. These devices are very similar, however, the differences they still exist. so, than the impact drill is different from the gun and it is better to choose a professional?

The firing mechanism

device drills

device drills

the main thing, what sets punch from drill - this function, which determine the different circuit arrangements percussion: Hammer performs slotting, while the drill - drilling.
At the punch mechanism is shown quite complicated knot, that exists in 2 - x versions:

  • Electro-pneumatic.
  • Electromechanical.

The most common type of electro, which provides maximum tool operation.
The rotational motion of the motor shaft by means of crank - crank mechanism is converted into movement vozratno - translational type. Also, this can be achieved using a special rocking spherical shape of the bearing. Due to the compression created by ramming acceleration and energy transfer to the tool - drill, drill, teeth, crown, etc..

As for the impact drill mechanism, it much easier. Its components - two ratchet, each of which is connected to the drill casing and with a rotating chuck respectively. When hitting function is disabled, stop ratchets from contacting each other - for the stopper, interposed therebetween. If the drill again translates into striking position, the stopper is lifted, wherein ratchets are contacted, skipping. During the drill chuck and perform back - forth motion along the axis.

Due to the differences in structure impact mechanisms is determined by the significant difference in technical and operational characteristics of these two devices.

Modern full-featured punch has three modes of operation:

  • Mode jackhammer (without rotation).
  • Unstressed rotation.
  • Drum rotation.

The perforator is ideal for drilling materials, and for gouging cutting grooves and niches in the walls, as well as cleaving excess material.

As for the impact drill, she works in the hammer drilling and drilling without impact mode.
device performance.

If we consider what impact drill differs from the gun and it is better to choose a layman in terms of performance, it should be borne in mind, that the punch is several times higher, than the drill. This depends on the higher impact energy. it can reach to the perforator 20 - you J.. As for the drill, its energy is low. It depends entirely on, the force with which the tool contact with the material.

Even in the case, if pressing is strong, the impact energy would still be small. Productivity increases and punch due to its weight, which is substantially more, than the mass of a drill with the same power
The same applies to the diameter of the hole: that which comes from the punch, which is approximately a half times the diameter of the holes, which is obtained by using the hammer drill. In that case, if used for drilling crown, the difference will be even more significant.

tool holder

difference also exists between tools and fixtures, are used for drill and punch.
In the hammer drill for drilling using a drill with pobeditovye soldering.

If we consider fixing, the drills and drill both devices are installed in the cartridges, which is different design. In order to quickly change the punch tool uses SDS-max clamping system or other similar system. Fixing is carried out by means of grooves, having a different shape.

Besides, to punch you can not use a normal drill. In that case, if such a need arises, and, it would require a special adapter, jaw chuck which can act. Many models have a special fastening system, which allows you to quickly and easily replace the cartridges, at the same time under the normal drill chuck is required to enter into a standard set of. true, inconvenient design can turn when it is used with an adapter, which will not be sufficiently rigid beats and fixing.

Razbirayasy, What is the impact drill is different from the gun and it is better to choose a layperson should not forget about the working conditions. Working hammer is much more convenient and easier. For the same, to achieve the necessary contact pressure of the drill to the material, require impact with a force 10 – 15 kg. To punch is required only 5 kg.

However, if you select the punch load on the hands will be less, than using a drill. This is achieved through mitigating action pneumatic air cushion mechanism, which prevents the piston collision with striker.

Lifetime of the device

As for durability, the punch, even when using the latest shock function, It has a much lower vibration and gentle operating conditions all mechanisms. Consequently, its service life is much higher than that of the drill. Also, the tool has a safety clutch, which protects the unit from damage in cases, when he jammed drill, which is possible when it enters the armature.

In the hammer drill ratchets subjected to higher loads and wear out much faster. With constant exposure to hard vibration occurs wear of mechanisms, disabling them.
The cost of equipment is also significantly different. With equal power, Hammer cost 1,5 – 2 times more.

What is better to choose a novice?

Working with hammer

Working with hammer

A definite answer to this question is very difficult to give. Here everything depends on, the purposes for which the device will be used. Puncher will be indispensable when drilling and chiselling walls of brick and concrete. Usually, he bought for, in case of need of a large number of holes they could develop a quality.

Then, when the need is low, it is much easier to buy a cheaper hammer drill. It is not designed for frequent drilling with a large volume of work. So, eg, if you want to make a hole for the clock or shelf, it will be an ideal option. If it is necessary to lay wiring, install switches or sockets, the hammer is much better suited for this purpose. Thus acquire its optionally, to hire will be much more profitable.

but, if you are constantly engaged in construction work, it is better to give preference to the punch. Even overpaying once, you'll use it for a long time. He will be compensated all attachments, as well as facilitate the work, that will please, not deliver a lot of inconvenience. Besides, small vibration better impact on the state of your bones, which may become weak and prone to frequent fractures.

We hope, that the information provided will help to make this difficult choice in buying quite necessary thing in any man's life.

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