Useful than coffee?

tumblr_Coffee helps to quickly tune to the working mood in the morning, cheer during the working day, Many were convinced of its ability to ward off a sleepy state, maintain the activity and energy, when the time will work or training.
Clinicians, the claim of extraordinary usefulness of this drink, then tirelessly warn us about the dangers of its undoubted. certainly, It can not be too carried away by excessive kofepitiya, but there are, at least, 10 good reasons not to give up coffee, unless there are clear contraindications.

Useful than coffee?

1. Coffee reduces risk of diabetes
According to the American Chemical Society are, who drinks coffee constantly in moderation, half less likely to suffer diabetes 2 type.
2. Coffee helps in dealing with the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, longer keeping the brain in working order.
3. Coffee is useful for the prevention and relief of symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Caffeine, in coffee, It is helping to better coordinate the movement.
4. Coffee reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis, increasing its protective function.
5. The smell of coffee reduces stress, coffee It helps fight depression, contributing to the production of serotonin, dofamina.
6. Coffee increases the amount of fatty acids in the blood, muscles that is used as a fuel, helping to cope with increased physical activity.
7. Coffee contains antioxidants, preserve youth and preventing the development of skin cancer.
8. Caffeine increases the brain's response, increases attentiveness, logic, relieves his fatigue. Besides, expanding brain vessels, removing cramps and headaches.
9. coffee cheer, tones, It stimulates the nervous system and locomotor activity, dilates coronary vessels of the heart, causing the heart to contract more vigorously, pulse at the same time listened better. Improves lung function
10. Coffee activates digestion and gastric juice, improving digestion. Improves kidney function, It possesses good diuretic effect.

It should be noted, that coffee, despite all its positive properties, It is the so-called border product, of which use it can be said not without reservations. Even for completely healthy people, there are certain limitations - no more 2-5 cups per day. And do not forget, what coffee is contraindicated in children, patients with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, with nervous system problems. kidney stones and others., There are also some restrictions for the elderly and pregnant women.
It should be noted that, that for some people there are certain characteristics of the organism, manifested in poor processing of caffeine by the liver, lead to caffeine addiction and caffeine intoxication. That's why you should not blindly rely on popular articles and transfer, which speaks about the benefits of coffee.

Conclusion: Healthy person moderate amounts of coffee can be useful, but coffee consumption should be dosed strictly individual, if necessary in consultation with a doctor and taking into account its state.

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