Tea mushroom: benefit and harm

chg4often those, who has a home Kombucha, I have no idea about its beneficial properties. However, it possesses not only an infusion pleasant palatability, but healing.
Kombucha - a real home doctor, infusion which comes to help in many disorders.
He will help: hypertension, low acidity, atherosclerosis, headaches, at stomatyte, Periodontal disease. It has potent bactericidal properties in inflammatory processes throat, upper respiratory tract, right, It contributes to lowering elevated temperature, It strengthens the immune system, It helps in many other cases,.
The infusion of a large complex of nutrients and vitamins: ascorbic, citric, pyruvic acid, alkaloids, Sahara, enzymes, B vitamins, WITH, R.
But for effective therapeutic action is necessary, first of all, properly prepare the therapeutic infusion.

How to prepare and adopt a therapeutic infusion of Kombucha?

note, that for the treatment of various diseases of infusion recipes are slightly different.

1. The basic recipe:

  • On 1 l cooled boiled water take 35-50 g sahara, not very welds, incubate at room temperature from 3 to 5 days. Infusion before using filters. In the treatment of inflammations of the mouth and upper airways, use only the heated infusion.
  • The infusion is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It must take on 1 Article. for 3 hour before meals. Children to improve appetite, you can give a little fizzy drink before a meal.
  • High blood pressure taken by infusion 1 a glass before a meal.
  • At headaches drink a glass of the infusion and put on whiskey cool compresses of infusion.
  • For the treatment of rhinitis Kombucha insist 3 day, The solution is made without sugar. Strain and bury into the nose or rinse them sinuses.
  • For the treatment of pustular skin diseases, conjunctivitis, minor wounds and burns should be washed with fresh infusion of, which takes less than half the sugar.
  • Itchy insect bites handy 7-days, filtered and further sustained more 5 days in a cool place infusion. Bites smeared cool infusion.

2. For the treatment of angina and colds with high temperature thus prepared infusion:

  • At the three-liter bottle of boiled and cooled water to take 2-3 st.l. honey, add a little tea infuser, that the color of the solution has got a little brownish tint, and put back Kombucha. Infuse week at room temperature, strain. Take half a cup warmed infusion of 2 hour before meals, children - 1 st.lojke, as well as to rinse their throats.


Despite, that Kombucha is an excellent tool for the treatment of many diseases, in its application, there are contraindications.
Luckily, there are not many. The drink is not recommended for diabetics (because of the sugar content), for patients, who have a gastric hyperacidity, patients with gastric ulcer, it can harm your health and worsen the disease.
Before starting treatment with Kombucha, sure to consult your doctor, not self-medicate, it can lead to irreparable results.

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