Tea with honey and lemon – drinking?

d3823Tea and lemon

Let's start off with, that hot lemon tea - purely Russian invention. Worldwide, If asked to submit a "Russian tea", fresh brewed tea to bring a saucer with thinly sliced ​​lemon. This combination is not only delicious, but also very useful, doctors argue.
Really, These two fine product mutually complementary. Tea with a slice of lemon is saturated with vitamins, intensified its healing properties, it is better restores power, struggles with lust, wonderfully refreshing. And if you get sick colds, the tea with lemon - an indispensable tool for a speedy recovery, since the lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C.. The usefulness of the drink and the, who lowered acidity, It improves digestion, scientists believe, that lemon tea reduces the risk of skin cancer.
There is a misconception, in the presence of lemon tea becoming weaker. probably, it is because, that of acid lemon drink really gets lighter. However, tea fortress remains the same. But that, To save contained in the lemon vitamin C, should take care in advance, because boiling destroys it. therefore, before adding lemon to tea, it is necessary to wait, so it's a little cool.
Council: When using sugar, put it in your tea before, than to put a lemon, because lemon juice prevents good dissolution of sugar.

Tea and honey

The benefits of honey is well known, but how to drink tea with honey, not know all. Often, to sweeten tea, Honey is added to the newly brewed tea, when it is still a very high temperature. However, doctors warn, that if honey dissolved in tea will be at a temperature above 40 ° C, the honey will begin to crumble useful diastase, and at a temperature of more 60aboutC of honey fructose formed generally is very injurious and dangerous to the liver substance, which can even lead to onkoobrazovaniyam, if you frequently drink like tea. Besides, Other useful enzymes, vitamins and compounds, included in the honey, also inevitably collapse.
There is an exit: Honey should only be added to warm tea, when its temperature is below 40aboutWITH, but even better simply to drink tea with honey "gnawing", that is, eat a spoonful of honey, and then wash it down with hot tea. In this method, the honey will be delivered to the destination and retain all its useful properties. This method is especially good for green tea, which perfectly, and not less than helpful, drink a spoonful of sweet honey.
So that, remembering, and trying to perform these simple rules, you can safely drink a really healthy drink, as tea with honey and lemon.

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