Ask: can we learn, who writes to you?

Probably, each person has such curious "well-wishers", which can not openly express their opinions in relation to it. The reasons may be different. First of all, it could be personal enmity, fear to hear the truth in his address, inability to defend their own point of view and more. These people, who writes on Ask fm, usually, there is an urgent psychological need to spoil you in public and at the same time to remain incognito.

How to find the offenders to Ask fm ?

how do you know who wrote you to Ask

And because, do it unnoticed is quite difficult in real life, People go into the Internet space. And then there are all sorts of messages on the pages of social networks. For the reason that, that such cases are becoming more massive, understandably, that more and more people are willing to learn offended their abusers, asking the question: who writes to ask fm?

Website will help to know anonymastik fm, who wrote to you

With this issue understood by the developers ask. Learn, who is writing you a, just go to the site anonymastik fm. To use the service of this site will need to be registered at the ascus. After registration, you will need to enter the address of your page in the ascus, confirmed its, you will be able to join the program, which is able to track the anonymous, leave comments on your page incognito. You can learn more, who writes on to ask fm and how to calculate these online nedobrazhelateley can look video instructions.

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