77 ways to get rid of bruises faster

The human body is sensitive to external damage. If they were minor, you may receive a bruise. He usually gives only the appearance discomfort. If the phenomenon has affected the open part of the body, it spoils the appearance of. To get rid of bruises, you can use the available tools. If you act quickly, be able to prevent its occurrence or made to disappear during the day. However, in some situations, you need to immediately see a doctor.to get rid of bruises

On the nature of origin

Bruises – folksy name. Experts call the phenomenon of hematomas. They are a collection of blood in the cavity. It has clear limits, depending on the force trauma. The phenomenon occurs when rupture of small vessels. Experts call this phenomenon hematomas. From damaged blood vessels follows, which is localized in a certain area and can be seen on the surface of the body. Typically bruises appear after mechanical impact. And it may be insignificant. As a result, the impact can be obtained soft tissue contusion. During the phenomenon also occurs bruise. But symptoms vary. initially, the area, has been primarily affected, blush. Shot on location there swelling. She has limited localization. The patient may be concerned about pain in the affected area.

Gradually changing the color of bruises. Initially, it becomes purplish red. Then the skin becomes purplish-blue color, and then becomes yellow-green. When bruised skin integrity violation occurs. This feature leads to, that the treatment of hematomas usually performed at home. Seeking medical help is carried out rarely. They are trying to get rid of the problems on their own, sensing for cosmetic defect. Most of the injuries health risks are not. However, if there was a bruise without apparent reason, it requires a visit to a specialist. You may experience more serious disease, capable of carrying a risk to human health.

When the hematoma formed, activated leukocytes. This term refers to the white blood cells. They have an impact on accumulated in the cavity of red blood cells. Under the action of leukocytes occurs hemoglobin destruction. That's why changing the color of a bruise. In the process stands bilirubin and biliverdin. Because of this, the bruise gradually becoming yellow-red, and then turns green. Hematoma gradually disappears. Bilirubin enters the liver and processed.

If a person is often faced with the appearance of bruises, this may indicate a lack of vitamin C. Experts advise to eat more fruits and vegetables. Typically, bruising and disappear quickly. However, the rule is not always. Much depends on the location of the place. The following is a bruise, the longer it will take to its disappearance. Traces of injuries on the face become imperceptible after 7 days. If the bruise is localized on the body, You need to get rid of it about 2 weeks. If there was an injured foot, mark can show off during 30 days. The fade time depends on the pressure bruises. At the foot is significantly higher. As a result, getting more blood is allocated injury. To bruise has resolved without outside influence, the body needs more time.

existing varieties

before, than to get rid of bruises, necessary to determine their species. According to the severity of the hematoma are classified into the following types:

  1. light. When pressure is applied to the affected area one feels a little pain. At the site of injury is a slight swelling. It is painted in red color.
  2. Central. Bruise visible to the naked eye. There is a swelling. When pressed felt pain.
  3. severe. Symptoms hematoma visible immediately. In some cases, symptoms begins to be observed for an hour. Affected area involves significant swelling. hematoma expressed. When pressed a person experiences severe pain. Such a situation would require a visit to a specialist.

The color change is gradual. Initially red bruise. Then he turns purple. This phenomenon is observed across 2-3 days after injury. Then his tone changed to purple. After that, the hematoma starts to brighten. Gradually, the affected area becomes yellow. Moreover, the process begins at the edges and gradually moves to the center. At the same time there is a reduction of pain.

When will take place from the moment of the injury for about a week, bruise acquire a greenish tint. Bruising starts to descend below. Phenomenon occurs as a result of exposure to gravity. Cavity, in which blood residues are, begins to descend. During this period, it ceases to bruise hurt.

If you do not try to get rid of bruises, natural recovery process will take 1,5-2 of the week. Many people are not willing to wait that long. Therefore, methods have been developed, to speed up the fight against the problem.

Bruises are classified and because of their appearance. secrete:

  1. Gematomny. When they occur hemorrhage affects not only the subcutaneous layer. It occurs in muscle tissue. As a result, pain in the bones and is given.
  2. vascular purple. Changing the color and appearance of a rash followed by swelling. Man can disturb an itch.
  3. Mikrotsirkulyarotny. These bruises occur in patients with thrombocytopenia. Provoke a simple process capable of grinding.
  4. hematoma circular. It combines features 2 the above types.

Because of what appear?

Bruises may be located not only on the body and limbs. They often appear on the veins, breast, nose and abdomen. If this phenomenon occurs frequently, it requires treatment. Neglect perform an action fraught with degeneration in the cyst.

solving, how to get rid of bruises, you must find out the cause of their appearance. The problem of how to provoke:

  1. Mechanical damage. localization differ.
  2. lack of vitamins. Durability depends on the number of capillaries vitamin routine. If it is not enough, on the human body begin to appear blood Network. Bursted sosudiki give rise to bruising. Important and vitamin C. It is necessary to update the tissue cells after injury. Vitamin responsible for strengthening the vessel walls. If it is not enough, they become more fragile. As a result, the bruises may appear in unexpected places. Means, used in plastic surgery. Doctors prescribe the use of drugs with vitamin after intervention. It means produced in the form of ointments or tablets. Also it is contained in the cabbages and various greens. If the problem lies in the lack of vitamins, you need to fill their deficit.
  3. The use of aspirin. The substance promotes liquefaction blood. Experts advise not to use painkillers in large numbers.aspirin
  4. There is a decrease in estrogen levels. The concentration in the blood hormone changes.
  5. Blood vessels are damaged as a result of exposure to infectious diseases. A person develops the so-called vazopatiya.
  6. It takes place hemophilia. It is a hereditary disease, in which blood clotting is reduced.
  7. The presence of pathologies, precipitating bruising. So, a similar phenomenon is observed in patients with thrombocytopenia and hemangioma. Phenomenon occurs due to decreased platelet counts. Bruises may develop and Oncology.

When should you seek medical advice immediately?

Most hematomas resolve spontaneously without intervention. The use of medical or folk methods to accelerate healing. However, in some situations without medical care can not do. The visit to the doctor is necessary, if a:

  1. Had the hematoma moderate or severe degree. The rule is especially true, if the damage is localized on the body. In this case, the phenomenon may be associated with the occurrence of fractures. Perhaps the presence of internal injuries, which can identify only a doctor.
  2. Even a slight mechanical action provokes the appearance of subcutaneous bruising.
  3. Hematomas occur without physical impact on the region.
  4. One feels the pulsation of the bruise. Damage to the affected vessel, and the blood continues to stand out.
  5. The bruises don't disappear for a long period of time. The patient is observed endocrine pathology or immunodeficiency states. In this case, it increases the risk of inflammation or infection.

How to help the victim?

Razbirayasy, how to quickly get rid of a bruise, It encouraged to review the first aid rules. Typically, the need for its implementation occurs after minor injury. Not always a person feels pain. After such a mild form of hematoma formed. However, the problem may be more serious in nature. In addition to changes in skin color, injury can lead to muscle tear and other damages. The task of man is to correctly determine the type of problem, the cause of the damage and its character.

Originally required to provide first aid. Having received bruised, be offered once something cold. This will prevent the pain. hematoma size Decrease, or she does not have. Chill promotes vasoconstriction and prevents subsequent damage to capillaries. The narrower the gap, the less blood it emits. However, this scheme works only if, if its application is performed in the first minutes after injury. If you start to apply the cold, when the tissue has become cyanotic, it only slows the healing process. Because of, that vessels under the influence of cold taper, blood to the site of injury worse. This slows the delivery of nutrients.

Aware of the need to make cold, people tend to take out the ice and place it on the affected area. However, experts do not recommend to perform actions. Using ice can become a cause frostbite. It is better to use other objects, located in the refrigerator. They should have a flat shape. The subject is recommended to turn in a bag or a clean cloth. This minimizes the risk of contamination of the affected area.first aid

When the bruise became visible and becomes bluish, warm compresses applied to the affected area. Under heat receptacles begin to expand. As a result of the elimination of the accumulated liquid is faster. For the same purpose on the affected area is recommended to apply the elastic bandage. Its use is particularly convenient, if the affected area is localized at the upper or lower extremities. To activate the influx of leukocytes to the affected area, can be applied to the bruise:

  • heated towel;
  • salt in the bag;
  • a small heating pad.

To get rid of bruises, warm compress is recommended to apply no earlier, than a day after the appearance of hematomas. This period is required in order, to the tumor slept. If you start treatment before the heat, temperature capable of swelling only exacerbate. Application of heat is capable of exerting a positive effect on the second and third day. Rule applies only if, if there are no injuries. If they have a place to be, or the inflammatory process is present, warming is contraindicated.

Remove bruise depending on localization

If you want to get rid of bruises under his eyes, must be chosen sparing methods. The skin in this area tender. There is a risk of injury. Therefore, the method of choice should be made depending on the localization problems. Treatment will speed up the healing process. However, you need to understand, that process will take one day.

Localized bruise on his face

If you want to get rid of a bruise on his face, necessary to assess the degree of damage. Self-treatment is possible, if the skin is not damaged. In that situation you need to see a doctor. The specialist will process the affected area. If the wound is large, They can be stitched. In that situation will process the call around the damaged skin.

Suffered minor injuries, it is important to quickly apply a cold object. Under the influence of temperature vessels narrowed, the blood has less. As a result, the bruise will not be so large or does not appear. However, the method only help in the first quarter of an hour after injury. In the subsequent operation pointless. If the damage occurred at home, We need to get frozen products or items from the freezer and attach to the damaged area. Keep the subject can no longer be 10-15 minutes. If the injury occurred in the winter, able to help the snow. It should be wrapped in cloth scarf. You can use the means at hand. It will have to take off her scarf or a handkerchief. Fabric reduces the risk of contamination in the wound. Even if there is no visible damage, in the affected region are present microcracks, sufficient for penetration of infection.

If a person is in the nature, and the accident happened in the summer, it is recommended to moisten with cold water or attach to the site of injury of any cold object. Keep it should be for 15 minutes. Using cold compresses, you need to remember to be careful. If applying cold to the injured area for a long time, it is able to trigger inflammation. It will only slow down the absorption of hematoma. Cold packs allow you to stop bleeding, condemning vessels. They also help to remove edema.

Affected area under the eyes

was injured, you need to immediately make the cold. Bruising under the eyes appear much faster. Exposure is carried out using cold compresses, which are applied on 15-20 minutes. It is also able to help any cold object. Compress recommended to wrap a clean cloth. Action is taken to, to prevent frostbite delicate skin.

A day is done warming. However, higher temperatures do not introduce eye. Heat must be dry. It is recommended to iron a hot iron handkerchief. Prepared thing need to be applied to the injured eye. A similar effect has a bag with warm salt. To disguise what happened, you can resort to the help of make-up.mask the dark circles under the eyes

by injection

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of bruises 1 day, We need to remember, that they are able to appear during treatment. This effect occurs after the intramuscular injection. Traces formed unexpectedly. However, injections are usually put in place, hidden from public view. Therefore, besides the painful discomfort, the phenomenon does not cause trouble. If a person wants to get rid of the blue from the pricks, implement process can perform using iodine mesh. It should be applied daily until, until the light disappears.

To get rid of bruises after the venipuncture harder. The chance of their appearance depends on the professionalism of medical staff. If an experienced specialist, after the process remains slight mark of the needle. However, not bruising always are formed due to the negligence of a nurse. If a person there is increased fragility of blood vessels, or high blood pressure, the standard procedure is stressful for the body and turns into a grueling process. As a result, at the site of needle appear extensive hematoma maroon-purple. In this situation, set an alcoholic hot compress. The procedure must comply with worker.

On the limbs from injury

Get rid of a bruise from a blow to the leg or arm is necessary more often. Usually the damage received by children during active play. With age, the risk of injury is reduced, but it does not disappear completely. The bruise may be obtained, hitting the chair. Thus abrasion may significantly vary size. Can cause injury and other surrounding objects. Razbirayasy, how to get rid of bruises on the legs, People may resort to one of the classical methods. Donate capable cold, attached first minutes after injury. It can not be held for longer 15-20 minutes. When a few hours will be held, the procedure should be repeated.

The home medicine cabinet should have a special ointment, accelerate the disposal of problem. If a person is engaged in a pragmatic sports, drugs do not need to have on hand. Alternative advocates the use of compression. For their preparation is necessary to moisten bint vinegar, sprinkle with baking soda. Vinegar has little cooling effect. Soda promotes the resorption of bruises.

after acne

Usually, acne bother adolescents and young adults. In adolescence there is a change in hormonal levels. If pimples to squeeze or try to treat yourself, the skin may be formed bruises and scars. Deal with the problem is under the supervision of a beautician. Take a number of measures you can and at home. To get rid of bruises, arising after the removal of acne, will be reserved lemon juice, scrub, cosmetic clay and pharmacy concoctions. The process of dealing with the problem is carried out in several stages

Initially, the skin is thoroughly processed using a scrub, gel or herbal infusions. They can be made from chamomile. If the skin is not clean, execution procedures will be useless. Nutrients will not be able to take the necessary conditions.

Apply cosmetic clay. It should be diluted with water. We need to achieve, that the product has acquired a creamy state. Cosmetic clay is of various kinds. Should give preference to, which is suitable for the type of skin. Clay promotes better blood circulation. As a result of the fight with bruises will be faster. means the effect can be enhanced. To do this, add a few drops of lemon juice. He will have a lightening effect on the skin. Mask should be kept for 15-25 minutes. It then flushing it. The process is carried out using a broth herbs or simple warm water.

When the skin is prepared, applied therapeutic Badyaga. It is applied as a solution. Additionally, you can use sea salt. It is necessary to grind to a fine powder. And then it is introduced into the mineral or boiled water. Means could have a positive effect from the first minutes of application. It is important to comply with the prescribed dosage and duration of use of funds. Badyaga has a strong searing effect.


If there was a black eye, sort out, how to quickly get rid of it, It will use pharmacy tools. The positive effect in combating the problem is able to provide:

  1. The alcoholic solution of iodine. On the area of ​​occurrence of a hematoma can cause iodine grid. In this area, improves blood circulation. As a result, the speed of getting rid of the colored spots on the skin increases.
  2. Application SOS gels, Lifeguard and SinyakOF. It is better to make the above means in the medicine cabinet at home, in the office or at the cottage. Anti-inflammatory medications, resorbing and regenerating effect. As a result, agents are able in the short term to deal with the consequences of injuries.
  3. Pharmacy Badyaga. It means sold in any drugstore. It is characterized by low price. The product already earned a good reputation thanks to a large number of useful features. To prepare the mass, it should be diluted with a little water and put in the place of injury. Means must be kept until the, until it is completely dry. Next, the flushing water. The procedure should be repeated twice a day. The tool is not recommended for use in the eye area. If a person decides to have implementation of the action, you must exercise the utmost caution. Otherwise there is a risk of inflammation of the mucous membrane. Badyaga allows even fight with old bruises.

Traditional methods

If a person wants to get rid of bruises and hematomas, he may have recourse to the national methods. The drug is made from products, ready at hand. Help combat the problem can:

  1. Potato starch. It is used in the form of masks. To prepare them, It needs to take a small amount of starch powder and diluted with water. The resulting mass is necessary to put on a bruise. You are then required to leave the affected region for a few hours. Then, the flushing.
  2. Cabbage leaves. If there are no specialized drugs, you can take a sheet and begin to knead it. The process needs to be performed to release the juice. When he appeared, sheet to be applied to the injury site is used as a compress. The same method is applied plantain leaves.
  3. Flax seeds. Helps to fight dark circles under the eyes. Seeds need pre-grind. They are then placed in a bag. It needs to be made of a fabric. The prepared mass is required to lower in boiling water. The tool then removed, slightly squeezed and applied to the bruise. Caution must be exercised. The eye is a very sensitive area. Keep a bag is necessary before full cooling.flax seeds from bruises
  4. Onion. To begin to implement the fight against bruises, You need to take an onion. The fruit is rubbed on a grater. If it does not, you can finely chop the onion. The resulting mass is made beans. It will take one tablespoon of substance. The components are mixed, and then applied to the bruise. The process to be performed 3 times a day. At the same set should be changed every time.
  5. Table salt. Products contribute to the resorption of hematomas. The substance need to pre-cook. You must take one tablespoon of salt and a solvent in 100 ml of water. The resulting liquid is wetted wool, bandage or piece of cloth. The compress is applied to the affected area.

Using ointments

Help to quickly get rid of bruises and hematomas capable ointment. You can enlist the help of heparin ointment. It is recommended to apply no earlier, than two or three days after the injury. If you use the vehicle before, means components have a negative effect on the blood clot. As a result, the process of resorption is delayed. Observing the rules of application of ointment, People will accelerate the disappearance of edema and reduce pain to get rid of bruises faster.

Means to apply a thin layer. It is applied on the affected area, from bruises center. Thus it is necessary to grab a small amount of injured skin. Means applied to the complete disappearance of bruising. The process is repeated application of ointment 2-3 times a day. Use of funds is permissible in all cases. Some people, wanting to get rid of bruises, there is individual sensitivity to the drug. Using ointment is prohibited and in case there is an increased risk of bleeding and impaired skin integrity.

To get rid of bruises in the home, you can use the Vishnevsky ointment. She is on 94% It consists of castor oil. Further ingredients are the xeroform and pull. The tool can be used even in the presence of abrasions and small wounds. The ointment is able to suppress the development of pathogenic microflora. It normalizes the blood flow at the site of injury. Due to the impact of the, accelerates wound healing. So they quickly regenerate. To use the tool, you need to put it on the bandage, and then attach to the pretreated locations bruises. The facility has an unpleasant odor. It can not be used, if there is to be renal functioning and idiosyncrasy.

You can resort to the help-with Traumeel. Remedy is a homeopathic drug. He was appointed, if there is to be post-traumatic state after receiving a large bruise. If you use the tool two or three times a day, pain, swelling and bruising will disappear within a week. The ointment is prohibited in a situation, when the patient is under the age of three. Contraindications to the use of act and the presence of HIV, hypersensitivity presence, tuberculosis, autosomal diseases and cancer.

The positive effect in the fight against bruises and give cream, which include vitamin K.

preventive measures

To get rid of bruises problematic. Easier to prevent their occurrence. With the phenomenon of people face more frequently, has weak blood vessels. They are longer than the bruises. That there was a hematoma, not necessarily strike. Strong enough to put pressure on the sensitive skin. Women fight harder bruises, than men. The fair sex have a thin delicate skin.

Strike causes blood vessels to burst. Blood is collected at the site of injury. The result is a, that the hematoma is microtrauma and cosmetic defect. The lower body is bruised, the more time may be required for its dispersal. If you do not devote time to the affected area, cosmetic defects on their own will disappear after two weeks. All this time, the skin will change color. Initially, it will be dark blue, and in the end will become a yellow-green color.

To get rid of bruises, should pay attention to strengthening the walls of blood vessels. You can start taking douches. From the temperature difference is increased wall elasticity. The cold part of the procedure, should carry out a massage areas, where localized bruising often. Firming effect and has the use of oranges and sweet pepper. The products are large amounts of vitamin C. He also has a strengthening effect on the blood vessels. To normalize the balance of vitamins in the body, should consume broth hips or carrots.

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