50 tips on getting rid of cellulite

The term "cellulite" appeared in cosmetology. The problem is known to most women. In itself, the phenomenon of the disease is not considered. However, manage to get rid of cellulite, adhering to the medical approach. Primarily need to find the root cause of the phenomenon, and then develop a further plan of action.Get Rid of Cellulite

A bit of cellulite

Cellulite is an external manifestation of changes, occurring in the deep layers of the skin. As a result of metabolic disorders observed blockage of cellular pores. substances, are usually isolated, begin to accumulate. Gradually, the cells are grouped. By uniting together, they create a unique islands. The problem is localized in the connective tissue. Cells are so many, they can be felt through the skin surface. It heralds the appearance of cellulite. As a result of disrupted flow of lymph. May cause problems with blood supply. As a result, calcification of fat cells, and cellulite. If the phenomenon has led to, What happened compression of nerve endings, a woman will disturb the pain. Cellulite cells can attract water. As a result, the affected area will swell.

Single therapy to combat the problem does not exist. The process of getting rid of cellulite depends on localization issues. order 96% Women are faced with such a phenomenon on the thighs and buttocks. 44% of the total number of respondents complaining about the presence of cellulite on the legs and abdomen. order 16-40% He complains about the appearance of abnormal tissue on the hands. In some situations, the cellulitis was observed in all areas at once. The accumulation of tissue possibly elsewhere. At the location of the problem affects root cause phenomena. So, if there has been a violation of lymph and venous circulation, the problem will be placed on the legs. If there are problems with digestion, Cellulite is localized on the abdomen. If a person is forced to engage in sedentary work, It increases the risk of collision with the problem, localized on the buttocks.

The mechanism of cellulite

Most often willing to get rid of cellulite in women aged 45-50 years old. It is associated with an increased risk of collision with cellulite as a result of menopause. During this time, a decrease in estrogen concentration. The result is a loss of receptors at the hips in blood vessels. It is a violation of the blood supply to the process. It becomes less.

As a result of the above area receive less oxygen, which increases the risk of cellulite. Nutrient supply and violated. As a result, insufficient amounts of collagen stops, which also reduced production. The substance responsible for skin tone and her smartness. All this leads to an increase in number of fat cells. Their clusters are beginning to emerge through the upper layers of the skin. As a result, it becomes visible to the naked eye roughness and irregularities. This phenomenon is called cellulite.

Get rid of cellulite may be required and at a young age. Most often the problem faced by adolescents. Here there is an opposite situation. The amount of estrogen in the blood is too high. As a result, fat cells become larger, which also leads to the problem. Perhaps estrogen dominance. This leads to an increased risk of orange peel.

Why are women more often the problem occurs?

The appearance of cellulite is caused by physiology. Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue. And its structure in representatives of different sexes differ. In women, it has large gaps and resembles the structure of the fence. Problem arise easier. In men, the collagen has a crosslinked. As a result, its structure is similar to the grid. This makes it more dense and strong, which reduces the risk of problems. She is better able to retain fluid.

Testosterone has the ability to break up the fats. Estrogen stimulates their production. As a result, women are genetically predisposed to the development of cellulite.

The degree of severity of cellulite

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of cellulite, you need to pay attention to the degree of orange peel. In some women, the problem is almost invisible. Others have seen the problem, even through tight clothes. This is because, that cellulite has several stages of development:

  1. Symptoms are virtually no problems. When a person is at rest, skin appears smooth. However, if you pull it and lie, You may see small bumps of cellulite. At this time there is an increase in volume of the body. They can grow on 1-2 cm. This is due to the stagnation of fluid and the appearance of puffiness.
  2. Liquid is removed worse. Fat deposits become denser, Connective tissue becomes firmer. As a result of the irregularities can easily test the surface of the skin. Cellulite more noticeable.
  3. Regardless of the position of the body, problem is viewed. This is due to the continuation of the pathological processes. the blood supply is disrupted. There is infringement of the nerve endings due to cellulite. This leads to a loss of sensitivity of the skin in the problem area.
  4. The problem is aggravated. On the buttocks and thighs there are bumps of cellulite. There are blisters and pits. If the problem area to probe, it is cold and dense. The skin has a bluish tint. This is due to lack of blood supply due to cellulite.

Causes of Cellulite

Before, how to get rid of cellulite on thighs or another field, it is important to understand the root cause of the problem occurs. Typically it occurs due to the effects of estrogen. However, there are a number of factors, increases the risk of disease. Chance for the appearance of cellulite is higher, if the woman:

  1. Adheres to strict diets. Express methods allow to lose weight. However, after the adherence power and return to the usual diet, It can happen fast set of extra kilos, and the risk of the appearance of cellulite will increase. The problem returns. Overweight is able to double.strict diet
  2. It feeds incorrectly. It is important to saturate the body with essential substances. If a woman eats without any charts and uses all of the products, regardless of, they are helpful or harmful, This increases the risk of the appearance of cellulite.
  3. Have a place to be habit, because of which there is obstruction of blood circulation and increase the risk of cellulite. Typically, the problem occurs because of tight clothing worn, walking in high heels, compliance posture, wear comfortable shoes and taking pose, in which the woman sits, threw one leg on druhuyu.
  4. There is a lack of movement. The problem is initially recognized at the muscle tone. They influence the silhouette of a woman. cellulite.
  5. There is a genetic predisposition. If the mother or grandmother had cellulite, It needs to do more to prevent problems, than is required for other women.
  6. There are bad habits.
  7. Hormone therapy is performed. During the meeting increases the risk of edema. As a result, blood flow is hampered, and cellulite.

Facts and myths about cellulite

To quickly get rid of cellulite, important to understand, which statements are true about the problem. Today, there are three kinds of cellulite:

  • fatty;
  • hydropic;
  • fibrous.

In the first case there is a problem on the flabby skin. In the second situation, the liquid is delayed. cellulite soft. The problem is more noticeable. Pathological tissue is not adjacent to the muscles. Defeat exposed large areas of the body. However, to deal with the problem and swelling generally easier. Cellulite is the closest to the body surface.

Fibrotic cellulite in another tough call. Pathological tissue placed compactly. The problem is only noticeable when carrying on the skin. The naked eye to see the problem is not possible. Most often fibrotic cellulite are observed in women athletic. However, the problem most difficult to get rid. Cellulite is located near the muscles.

Cellulite is present in 90% planet women. Very often the problem is inherited. Orange peels occur in places, where there is blood stasis. Deal with the problem, not engaging in vigorous activity, complicated. Wanting to get rid of cellulite, should start running, engage in walking or swimming.

Fight cellulite cream to help various. It is important to pay attention to their composition. It is mandatory in the list of ingredients should include Centella Asiatica. This herb, which leads to the restoration of macromolecules and gives the skin elasticity.

Not all allegations of cellulite truthful. It is not necessary to believe, the problem occurs because of exposure to toxins. cellulite appears, when fatty deposits penetrate the collagen or connective tissue. Excess weight also increases the risk of problems.

It is believed, that cellulite affects only fat people. Being overweight increases the risk of getting fat under the skin and the appearance of a problem. However, thin people may be faced with cellulite. Strength training can deal with the problem better.

Some women believe, that will be able to fix the problem by using a special cream. However, the effect of the use of funds in the fight against cellulite temporary. Cream densified skin layers. As a result of cellulite hiding. But soon returned to previous form. Another misconception performs liposuction impact on cellulite. The name given to surgical evacuation of fat. However, she did not fight cellulite. If you carry out the procedure for that purpose, people just spend money.

The popular myth about cellulite – problems can be eliminated by the wearing of special clothing. The effect of such devices as a temporary. Should not believe the assurances of advertisers. Sometimes, tight clothes leads to the appearance of cellulite. This is due to restrictions in blood flow and blood disorders. If you drink a lot of water, it does not help fight cellulite. fluid intake does not affect the existence of the problem, it helps in losing weight, but it needs to use other methods to combat cellulite and excess weight.

Ways to deal with the problem

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of cellulite on thighs, a woman must resort to one or more methods, designed to combat the problem. Cellulite removal can be done at home or in a beauty salon. Experts advise to approach a complex problem. Have to play sports and to adjust the power.

Proper nutrition for cellulite

to understand, is it possible to get rid of cellulite, should familiarize themselves with women reviews, managed to fix the problem. First and foremost are advised to adjust the power. It depends on it 60% success in the fight against cellulite. Diet do not need to comply with. Such a method of body shaping and dealing with the problem as a whole has a negative effect on the body. When a person feels a strong sense of hunger, switched power save mode. the body decides, that fell on hard times, and food not to be missed. As a result, all the food begins to turn into fat.

Eat during the fight against cellulite is necessary to balance. The diet necessarily required to include proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The last element is the source of energy. The second body is used as a building material. In this case, it is recommended to eat carbohydrates for breakfast. Lunch should be a combination of carbohydrates and protein. Additionally, should consume a small amount of fat. The evening meal should consist of all proteins. In this case, carbohydrates are allowed, but very small amount. It recommended to cook food. Also allowed to cook for a couple, braise and bake. From frying during the struggle with the problem is to give.proper nutrition

To get rid of cellulite, Water should be consumed in sufficient amounts. Per day to be drinking at least 8 glasses of fluid. It is necessary for normal course of metabolic processes. In this case, it is recommended to give up on soda. Compote, as well as other drinks do not count.

To get rid of cellulite, You need to eat moderately. If a woman goes in for sports, per day required 1300-1500 calories. This will allow to reduce weight safely and get rid of cellulite. If physical activity is present, figure rises to 1600-1800 kilokalorij. If you reduce the value of the index, it does not speed up the correction of figures, and lead to the loss of muscle mass and fluid. As a result of metabolism slows. All food, ingested, It will be converted into fat.

To the figures and the fight against cellulite correction should be approached intelligently. If a person loves sweets, and waived problematic, You do not need to completely clean up such food from the diet. Otherwise possible breakdown. It is recommended to eat fast carbs in the morning. If this dish was eaten, you need to make a calculation of calories for lunch and dinner in a way, the total value of the index corresponds to the norm. it is recommended not to abuse of harmful food. Enough to use it 1-2 times a week. At this time, it permitted to afford their favorite dishes, even if they do not correspond to the concept of healthy nutrition.

Physical exercise and cellulite

A woman can get rid of cellulite through sport. If there is no physical activity, muscles become flabby. they provisaût. As a result, even a small amount of fat, accumulated under the skin, starting to look unaesthetic. There is a reverse situation. If a woman has extra kilos, but she goes in for sports, the body will look more fit. Exercise needed to increase the base amount of calories. To maintain muscle tone, the body needs more energy. Playing sports improves mood. After him, the person becomes more confident. It is lighter struggling with stress.

Having made the decision to start exercising, it is recommended to buy a gym membership. Where you can find a coach, ready to engage personally with the person. It will prepare an individual training program. With coach easier to master complex exercises. Additionally, you can start attending a fitness club. If there is no possibility to buy a subscription, can be carried home workouts. To do this will need to purchase suitable clothing and footwear, as well as additional accessories. Usually enough dumbbells. To start the training required to get acquainted with theoretical information. Today, it is freely available on the Internet. Here, there are sets of exercises for different levels of training.

Physical activity should be a regular. If a woman visits the gym at long intervals, This benefit will not bring. Get rid of cellulite will be possible only in case of, if the training takes place at least three times a week.

Concern about the health

If one wants to understand, how to quickly get rid of cellulite, feedback will help to understand the peculiarities of dealing with the problem. So, doctors are advised to start the process with the responsible care. Cellulite is a perfect reflection of failures, arising in the body. Violations can lead wearing tight clothing and footwear. cellulite appears, if a woman is a lot of walking in high heels. Wearing clothes too narrow facilitate tissue compresses. As a result, poor circulation. Heels increase the load on the legs vessels. The appearance of cellulite is closely related to the functioning of the circulatory system. Therefore it is necessary to pick up clothes, taking into account the state of health.

Increase the risk of cellulite capable smoking. To start a fight with a problem, the habit will get rid. Nicotine has a negative impact on the circulation. Smoking is reflected in the condition of the skin. All this leads to an increased risk of cellulitis.

Appearance is largely dependent on domestic welfare. Stress disrupts the functioning of various systems. They have an impact on hormones. So you should try to avoid them and save the overall friendly atmosphere.

anti-cellulite bath

You can get rid of cellulite at home. To do this, you should start to take aromatic baths. The procedure has a positive effect from a psychological point of view. The procedure is performed with the use of sea salt and essential oils. They spread a pleasant aroma. He has a relaxing or invigorating effects. Means is set to a positive wave. After such a bath, skin will become silky and tender. The procedure must be used in conjunction with other methods. Only then will be able to get rid of cellulite.

Home massage against cellulite

Help get rid of cellulite massage. Today there are many varieties of effects on the human body. That orange peel has disappeared, you can resort to the following types of massage:

  • a point;
  • honeyed;
  • antitsellyulitnomu;
  • Thai;
  • Swedish.

However, to use the method need to be careful. So, Honey massage is suitable only for women, do not have health problems. Facilities, used during the procedure, can cause an allergic reaction.

Massage can be done at home. The process is carried out arms, banks and by an additional device. In the former case is applied to problem areas special cream or massage oil. Next, you need to begin to knead their. If you plan to conduct vacuum massage at home, banks need to get a vacuum. Need to lubricate the problem zone cream or butter, and zatem osculum Bank.massage jar

Then you need to start keeping its top. Typically, the method is used on the thighs. When the first exposure is completed, repeated close to the same place. The method is efficient. However, it can not be used, if there is to be a problem with the vessels or veins. Massage devices used with hand Roller Massager, Vibrating or other means. The selected device alone will have an impact on the problem area. We must act in accordance with the instructions.

Using scrubs

Get rid of cellulite help scrubs. Their use allows to remove excess fluid from the tissues, to warm, remove toxins and dead cells. The use of nutrient resources after the procedure has high efficiency. Using scrubs can be combined with massage. This will increase the effectiveness of anti-cellulite.

Funds for the procedure will be able to buy in the store or cook yourself. Often used for mass pre-milled coffee beans. They are recommended to be mixed with shower gel, olive oil or honey. High efficiency differs scrub, prepared on the basis of sea salt. The salt is added sour, honey and butter. This scrub should be applied to the problem area several times a week.

Performing anti-cellulite body wraps

If a woman wants to get rid of cellulite in the past month, it may resort to wrapping. Usually 30 days is not enough. It should be prepared for a long struggle with the problem. Wrapping promotes the excretion of excess fluid from the tissue and skin tightening. As a result, the volume of the body decrease rapidly. Method recommended after showering and pretreatment problematic scrub zone. The essence of the procedure is applied to the skin or the subsequent screwing in plastic wrap.

Mass for the procedure will be able to cook your own or purchase in stores. Wrapping is necessary to pursue a course. Usually it consists of 10-15 procedures. The impact is performed in two days. Significance may differ. It depends on the mass, selected for wrapping. The process levers sufficiently long. One procedure may take about 60 minutes. In watching and is not recommended during sports wrap. It is better to devote this time to rest or home affairs.

The use of aromatherapy

If a woman understands, how to get rid of cellulite on legs, reviews to help find effective methods of dealing with the problem. To normalize the state of emotional background, stimulate the excretion of excess fluid from the body and to establish the functioning of the lymphatic system, it is recommended to resort to using aromatherapy. It is produced with the use of essential oils. Typically, the method is used as a supplement during the self-massage, implementation of body wraps and bathing.

The use of essential oils improves the efficiency of the above procedures. For the organization of the session to add enough of the wrapping 2-3 drops of essential oil. After this procedure is carried out under the standard scheme. The most popular deserve essential oil of rosemary, grapefruit, orange, soul, nutmeg and patchouli.essential oils

Cosmetics anti-cellulite

To get rid of cellulite, Additionally, you can use oils, creams and lotions. Typically, they are used after a shower. Apply the chosen means must be massaged. The process is performed until absorbed. It is recommended that the application means twice a day. The process should be combined with other methods. If recourse to only the cream or lotion, it will not give the desired effect. Usually means moisturizes and strengthens the skin. This reduces the visible manifestations of the problem.

salon treatment

Get rid of cellulite, you can use the salon procedures. To combat the problem, use:

  1. lymphatic drainage. The method combines a set of procedures. They are all aimed at bringing in the movement of lymphatic fluid. The result is the normalization of blood circulation. Harmful substances are removed from the intercellular space. Metabolism normalized. Puffiness become smaller or disappear completely. Gradually get rid of the cellulite.lymphatic drainage
  2. envelopment. The procedure is done in the salon conditions. The essence of the method is different from the implementation of the action at home. In a special problem area is applied composition. Then the body is wrapped in a film. However, using the procedures in the cabin is possible to achieve a more pronounced effect. This is due to the fact, that the procedure for professional products used. This may be therapeutic mud, chocolate, algae or special oil. This may be carried out cold, hot, ice or isothermal wrappings.
  3. Mesotherapy. Under the skin are administered small doses of therapeutic agents. Their introduction is performed using a small, thin needles. The funds consist of a whole list of drugs. They are combined with each other depending on the problem, to be solved. introduction method makes it possible to achieve a means of skin layers, which can not achieve the classic cream or lotion. The course lasts for 10-15 procedures. It is usually necessary to visit the salon once or twice a week. To achieve the effect is preserved for a long time, We need to repeat the procedure once holding in 2 of the month. In mesotherapy, there is an alternative. A woman can get mezorollerom. This is a special device. It is hard to fine needles. The adaptation is made in the form of a roller. The device has a handle. To use it, you need to drive a roller surface of the skin. Mesotherapy requires constant disinfection. There is the risk of purchasing low quality fakes.
  4. ozone Treatment. Through special nozzles with fine needles into the skin of a mixture of oxygen introduced above problem areas. When this procedure is characterized by soreness. Man can disturb the feeling of fullness or severe discomfort in the puncture zone. Soon, however, the exhaust gas passes. Discomfort disappears after 2-3 minutes. After the procedure have improved lymphatic drainage. Normalizes intercellular. Since excess fluid output organism.
  5. cryotherapy. The method consists of subjecting the problem zone of extremely low temperatures. The method makes it possible to bring the muscles in tone. With it eliminates the appearance of cellulite. The method makes it possible to lose weight and eliminate small imperfections.

Prevention of the appearance of cellulite

Get rid of cellulite is more difficult, than to prevent its occurrence. We have developed a number of methods, allowing to deal with the problem. Primarily need to follow the diet and give your body enough exercise. Body should be carried out cosmetic treatment. Daily need to drink enough water. Care should be taken, not to gain extra kilos. It is recommended to give up bad habits. They also have a negative impact on the state of the body. You need to visit a massage and carrying wraps. The procedure is performed courses.

Every day you should use a cream or firming moisturizer. From wearing uncomfortable clothing or footwear is recommended to give. The more body fat a person has, the more difficult to fight cellulite. If a woman wants to become the owner of a beautiful body, To combat the problem must be approached comprehensively. Therefore be corrected power, start a regular exercise, massage, producing wraps, recourse to mesotherapy and aromatherapy. Defeating the problem will stubbornness of their systematic implementation of all necessary procedures. Selection of the desired effects is better to carry out together with specialists.

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