40 the best advice on the implementation of the nail stamping

Modern technologies allow to make an attractive manicure. A woman can change the length and shape of the nail plates, applied to them drawing. Manicure nail stamping will enable original. When the method is applied to the nails or drawing pattern. In this case, the master does not necessarily have artistic talent.

General information on procedurestamping nail

Stamping nail manicure appeared in not a very long time. This name is the creation of the design with the help of a special device, authorizing to carry out patterning with imprint stamp. Nail stamping may be performed by using acrylic paints, the press, made of rubber or silicone, but also a metal disk.

Devices enable to perform the migration pattern from one surface to another. Use of tools allows you to simplify the process. Master will not have to manually paint nail plate, or use stickers. Technology is no different complexity. It is able to master each. Application of the technology reduces the deposition pattern on the nails to 15 minutes. Extensive experience is not required. The method makes it possible to produce a self-nail decoration.

Stamping nail enables playback of even the most complex pictures without artistic talent and experience. The method is simple to use and allows you to save on a visit to the beauty salon. All actions will be able to perform at home. When performing a manicure, you can show imagination. Over time, the development of technologies will allow to carry out decorations and other surfaces. So, drawing will be able to put on a mobile phone cover, kitchen utensils, storage box.

necessary adaptations

By studying the top of the best advice on the implementation of procedures, people will find out, it will not be possible to implement it without tools. You have to buy a set for stamping. All the necessary tools for the treatment of nail plates and application of the design can be bought individually or all at once ordered. Sales are carried out in shops.

In the stationary retail outlets will also find tools. They are sold in specialized departments, in which the sale of goods for the nail-masters. A woman can assess in advance the quality of the product and to understand the, what he really is. Appeal to the possibilities of online store increases the risk. However, the remote acquisition can save on purchases. set the cost for the stamping of 500-2000 rub. The standard kit includes:

  1. Scraper or skrabber. The tool is needed to remove excess varnish. With it, the paint evenly distributed pattern. If you have gone too far with her master, also be able to remove the excess.
  2. Stamp. Typically, the device is used based on silicone. A tool is required to transfer the pattern onto nails. Using the device is complex. Typically, in addition to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Acrylic paints. It allows you to make a drawing volume, clarity and expressiveness. Apply patterns and can use the classic varnish. However, to achieve such results is problematic.

Experts advise to buy a full set of. This will save to purchase individual items of necessity. The registration should take and the number of patterns, available on the plate. it often contains about 8 patterns. However, additional plates can be purchased separately. This will allow to diversify the design. Into account the need to take a description of dies. their shape, diameter may differ. In this case, the optimum size does not exist. Each master himself selects stamp, Guided individual needs and feelings. The accounting material adopted tools. If the coating is too dense whole, it will reduce the quality of. As a result, the process of transferring the image to the nail will be difficult.

If the master wants to do the job well and does not limit itself to the level of activities, one set of the purchase will not be enough. To perform a manicure at your fingertips, you must have:

  • dust for nail;
  • cotton buds;
  • liquid coating remover;
  • the finish;
  • cotton pads.

The list of materials and tools required to carry out any operation with a nail plate. With their help manage to correct or improve the result.set for stamping

stencils, drives, plate

Creating images is performed using disks, stencil plates. The entire range of products is better to buy separately. The procedure is recommended to periodically. Materials are sold in the departments for Nail Masters. Buy them and succeed in online shops. exercising choice, should follow some rules and tips. This will simplify the process of applying the stamping. It is necessary to evaluate the quality of the patterns. must, so that they are smooth and clear.

If printing figures planned for short nails, should give preference to small-sized patterns. If a long nail plate or backfilled, It recommended to buy a smaller stencil 2 cm. It should give priority to the imprint, equipped with a holder for the drive. Outwardly, it looks like a stand, which allows the lock plate in one direction. As a result, the master can do the job easily.

Sometimes, as an alternative to using stencils. They allow you to transfer images and arrange them in the form of figures. In order to achieve a result, You need to attach the stencil to the plate with prints already after, as varnish is applied to it. As a result, the image will appear on the stamp in the form of figures. All other actions are performed in the same sequence, as in the classic manicure with stamping.

Scrapers for stamping

If a woman wants to perform stamping polish, buy in the first place will have a scraper. It should be made of plastic or metal. Many masters say, that the second embodiment is capable of adaptation to harm the nail plate. it turns out, If the scraper has been subjected to inadequate treatment. Plastic has a mild effect on the nails. However, it is more easy. Remove with the help of the excess paint from the first problematic.

Varnish and paint

Nails with stamping will look advantageous, if you use a good paint. On it depends the durability of the coating. The varnish must have properties envelop the entire nail plate in one application. Additionally, it is not recommended to use pigmented and opaque means. Therefore it is necessary to give preference varnishes, having holographic and metallic effect. In this case, the use of glitter nail polish should be abandoned. Nail art masters prefer acrylic-based lacquers. The material has a thick and dense texture. Shellac is better not to use. They can only be used as a basis to pattern.

Apply stamping on the nails easier by gel ink. This material is more expensive. However, it is more convenient to work. He does not spread. Gel ink has the ability to dry quickly. Nails will look brighter. Today you can buy a whole palette of acrylic paints. Their shades and colors are varied.

Silicone and transparent stamps

stamps, allowing to perform stamping polish, also vary. Typically, the master used rubber or silicone tools. Separately isolated transparent stamps. They are considered to be innovative. The stamp has an open upper portion. As a result, the master gains the ability to completely control the patterning. die cushion also transparent. It does not lead to increase in effect. As a result, a person can create high-quality images.

Silicone able to repeat the nail shape. He fully grasps its. However, the rule requires stamping performance, to the nail plate has been previously prepared to spray pattern. must, so that its surface does not become rough. This is required for better grip with materials. All the extra fluff to be removed. They have the ability to quickly build up on the surface of the stamp.stamp

Previously, the majority of artists were adaptations, made of rubber. However, the material has proved not the best way. He was not able to repeat the shape of the nail. To learn how to work with a rubber stamp, had to adjust. Some artists are entire collections of stamps. This may be the original brand-name devices, which are produced by the piece, as well as inexpensive tools. Giving preference to a particular stamp, you must pay attention not to the brand, and functionality. It is necessary to understand the characteristics of each device before, you start using it.

The first estimated the number of parties involved. There are one-sided and two-sided stamping of drawings. Devices may have a dual head. As a result, the master will be able to make the application of different shades of the same color. So, White will be able to emphasize the cream.

Workplace Organization

nail design stamping requires trained workplace. The master and the client should be comfortable. Materials and tools required to place at arm's length. It is necessary to prepare tools for the stamping of nails and make wafer processing procedure to. A standard set of tools. Advance preparation will provide durable output neat manicure. Before the procedure, devices are placed on the table. If the film is present on the disc for stamping, you want to remove it beforehand.

Top best tips for using stamping

Stamping Nail Gel is easy to perform. However, the procedure requires the observance of a set of rules. Their implementation will facilitate the process and reduce the risk of poor outcome. So, to work should only use nail polish remover, containing acetone. The exception to the rule make clear stamps. From the use of oils and nutrients during the procedure should be abandoned. They harm plates. If the applied oil film, Picture exactly rests. As a result, it will be blurred. As background forbidden to use lacquer coating Glitter. The pattern will be lost on this background,.

To produce a process for printing must be fast. Varnish or paint dries almost instantly. Using a scraper, an urgent need to clean it. If you stretch a little longer, perform an action would be problematic. The master must be collected. All movements are performed accurately. The error may lead to the need to follow the procedure again. Precise movement wizard will print pattern from the first.

If you use a regular nail

for stamping nail polish affects the characteristics of the procedure. In order not to encounter problems during execution, should give preference to dense, well pigmented lacquers. To use suitable products positively proven brands. Applying the stamping process itself is performed as follows:

  1. Hands should be washed thoroughly. Palms and fingers should be cleaned. After the procedure is applied antiseptic.
  2. Sawdust produced nail plates. Initially, you need to use a soft, and then a tough sawing. The sequence must be followed. The procedure required for, to remove the shine.
  3. It is made of nails degreasing.
  4. Performed lacquer. It will serve as a basis for subsequent drawings. The color can be any. Important, the material was thick.
  5. Running imprinting stamp. The result obtained is left to dry.
  6. If the result does not like, made a complete erasure of the achieved results. Actions under the scheme is repeated again. Stop their performance must be, when the result will satisfy.

If using gel nail polish

Stamping nail varnish is applied to the gel to similar scheme. However, the difference is still there. So, base must be dried for one minute under a UV lamp. The disc is recommended to degrease. We must act according to the following scheme:

  1. Hands should be washed, then be formed nail plate. The action is performed by sawing. Attention should be paid to the cuticle. It is recommended to cut or move the. Then, the base layer is applied. It increases the resistance manicure. Additionally, using it will be possible to protect the nail plate from the color pigments.
  2. Apply nail base colors. It must be dried. But if a woman wants, the color was brighter, the procedure is repeated again. Do not apply the drawings on the basis of crude. Paint can start to unravel. Pattern lies roughly.
  3. The nail plate is ready to spray pattern. To play you want to select the stencil. It inked. Do not use too much material. Requires thin layer. But it is important to get in line extruded. Usually procedures apply dark varnishes. They look better on the surface of the nail. However, sometimes bright colors look a winner. Everything depends on the chosen base.
  4. Produced removing excess paint. To do this, use a scraper. It is necessary to ensure, the material was only in long lines. To process took less time, originally recommended not to use too much paint or varnish.
  5. It is necessary to apply the stamp plate. Do not get too pull to the implementation of the action. The process is recommended in order to perform, until the paint has not dried up. It is not necessary to press too much. Suffice soft pressing. This will allow the transfer pattern, it is not necessary to grease the edges. In that situation picture will have a sloppy appearance. If this happened, better delete it, using nail polish remover, and try again.
  6. Stamp with a pattern is pressed against the nail. It recommended to start on the right side. Then you want to show a stamp. The resulting pattern is translated to the very nail plate. It is impossible to repeat the procedure several times. This will lubricate the picture and spoil its contours. Do not worry if, if the mark appeared on the skin around the nail. This phenomenon is observed almost always. All excess erased with a liquid to remove.
  7. Figure covered by a finishing layer. The process is performed after, as varnish dries out a bit. Dry pattern in the UV lamp for 2-3 minutes.stamping on the gel

Performing acrylics

Nail stamping may be performed using acrylic paints. The use of technology will simplify the patterning on the nails. To resort to the method of, You need to do the following:

  1. apply a base. It is used as a paint of any color, depending on the planned design. The base layer is dried under the UV lamp. The action is carried out in a minute. Next is a second coat.
  2. To patterns formed better, it is recommended to wipe the disc with acetone. After that, the metal disc overlaps the selected color. You do not need to put too much. All surplus removed with a scraper.
  3. Removing the adhesive layer is made with nail. To do this, use a cotton ball or alcohol wipes.
  4. Blotted pattern stamp. Device must be swept across its entire surface. However, to perform an action should not be several times. If a rule is broken, pattern smazhetsya.
  5. When drawing is applied, he was immediately transferred to the nail. Can not wait too long. Lac may dry.
  6. Dry wrought pattern. The process is performed under UV lamp. The process is performed for 2-3 minutes.

reversible stamping

The method of drawing has been gaining popularity among the masters of nail art. Experts upgrade method. As a result, stood out a new kind of nail stamping, dubbed reverse. Today, technology has become the main trend in the art of manicure. Reverse stamping nail art – a method of applying a design manicure, involving the use of several colors. Initially, it is not created on the nail, and stamping at. To be able to apply pattern, He should be well dry up. It is not stamped on the nail plate. Figure transferred in the form of formed film. Then, the accurate adhesion to the nail plate.

the method name with English translation, as reverse. It was given for a reason. The fact, that the resulting film is placed on the nail underside. To better understand the, how to perform a reverse stamping polish, necessary to examine the scheme of the procedure. technique-specific. It is very different from the classic printing the image using the stamps. During the procedure, the master must be orderly. You need to have perseverance. The procedure is performed in compliance with the following scheme:

  1. Produced selection of nail polish shade. must, that it was combined with the selected pattern. Then, the varnish is applied to the nails.
  2. It is necessary to take the plate with patterns and select the next drawing. When the operation was, it is applied varnish. In the process it is necessary to use acrylic material.
  3. Produced Removing excess. The action is performed with a scraper. necessary to achieve, that the material is evenly distributed by the pattern.
  4. Produced pattern transfer on the stamp. This requires a tool to get a touch pattern and perform a light press. All movements should be smooth. In that situation there is a risk of spoiling the picture.
  5. Produced work with a stamp. The process includes all further action. It is necessary to prepare the nail coloring patterns. When the action performed, We need to apply two drops of paint on any surface. It should be smooth.
  6. Produced coloring entire pattern. To do this, use a brush. Action to be performed accurately. Runs smoothly fill in all parts pictures.
  7. When the drawing is complete pattern, applied clear lacquer. It is used by a dense layer.
  8. you must wait, When the varnish dries. Only then will be able to evaluate, whether all the actions have been performed correctly. The film gently lifted with tweezers. After that will be able to assess the condition of the resulting image.
  9. If the varnish is completely dry, produced Levoberezhnoe separation from the die. The procedure requires accuracy. Wrong move can ruin the image. The resulting film is very fragile. If you act too quickly, you can break it. Transfer is carried out as carefully as possible and smoothly.
  10. The resulting pattern is transferred to the nail. To figure locks, lacquer plates should be fresh. If the material had to dry, You need to perform painting again. For this purpose, a colorless agent. By itself, the film is to lock onto the nail plate can not. Impromptu sticker must be carefully smooth out. This is required, so that it is well stuck to the nail.
  11. When the impromptu sticker firmly stuck, surpluses need to remove materials, departing from the nail plate. The action is performed with scissors. Alternative advocates the use of a cotton swab, which was previously wetted with a nail polish remover. This will allow accurate processing at the edges of the plate. Selecting depends on individual preferences.
  12. So that the image lasts longer on the nail plate, applied fixer. This is the final stage of the procedure.

Designs and drawings

Nail stamping allows the combination of different colors. Their selection must be carried out correctly. You must navigate to the personal taste and fashion trends. You can combine:

  1. Bright colors and muted tones. These can range from coral or beige to the solid or powdery. They can be used in conjunction with scarlet, bright pink or maroon.
  2. The black, blue or purple can be supplemented with white patterns.
  3. Neon colors look good with transparent shades. However, their application is executed in the style of French manicure. Neon colors are considered to be daring. They are able to glow from within.designs and patterns

Selecting the pattern also must be performed correctly. The woman can be performed using stamping technology for applying to the nails clay geometric patterns or floral prints. Popularity becomes prey animalistics. So, imitation snake skin may be formed. Floral composition also relevant. They are suitable as a supplement for day and evening manicure. Popularity win and minimalist prints. Outwardly they may look, as a child drawing.

Common mistakes

If a woman wants to put the nail stamping, reviews will help you avoid mistakes popular. So, thick nail is required for the procedure. It should be saturated. The plate may be used only after the removal of the protective film. Many beginners try to perform a manicure with her. Additionally, it is recommended to get a holder plate. If it is missing, the risk of damage resulting figure increases. If it seems too thick paint, it is recommended to dilute it.

What to buy?

for stamping nail plate produced by different organizations. Material vary in quality and cost. Hot stamping nail produce:

  1. Stempingi Moira. They had earned popularity among the masters of nail art. Experts prefer them because of the interesting and high-quality prints. However, high cost of material different. To purchase one plate, have to pay about 800 rub.
  2. Konad stemping. Manufactures kits. They are practical and easy to use. You can purchase a one-sided die alone. Its price will be about 200 rub.. Thus the cost of the entire set of usually no more 700 rub. Performing a set of purchase, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer's. Often can be replicas for sale.
  3. Стемпинг Creative Shop. Masters use simple patterns. However, they are quite high. Price starts from 600 rub.
  4. Born Pretty Стемпинг. Different manufacturer interesting patterns. Their creation was attended by customers themselves. The manufacturer has taken into consideration the submitted illustrations.
  5. Stamping with AliEkspress. Reviews of different materials. Some customers delighted with the goods. Others resent purchases. Deciding standing individually. Pre-worth reading customer opinions. must be considered, that not all reviews are true.

More credible cause materials, which are engaged in the production of proven brands. These figures are more expensive. However, the final result is brighter and better. Cheap plate can distort individual fragments pattern. Experts do not recommend to buy replicas of famous firms. Such stamping are low cost and low quality. Not always possible to distinguish a replica of the original at a glance. Experts advise to carry out a thorough assessment of the product. On each plate protective film must be present. It is necessary to prevent the occurrence of visual defects like scratches.

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