37 tips on how, how to make your hair thicker

stresses, innutrition, Improper care leads to damage to the hair structure. This promotes deterioration in their appearance and loss. However, a woman can make hair thicker. To do this, perform a number of procedures and revise their way of life, as diet.make hair thicker

The reasons for the loss of density

Razbirayasy, how to make your hair thicker, you must determine the cause, provoke a decrease in their number. There are many reasons. Provoke damage to the hair can:

  1. poor quality water. Recommended used care curls rainwater or melted. However, to get a liquid under the conditions of living in the city is almost impossible. In addition, there is a risk to spoil your hair with chemical precipitations. Position to help rectify softening filters. Improves quality and upholding tap water. Liquid recommended boil. To soften water, you can use baking soda.
  2. Violation of the rules of care for locks. You must take good care of your hair. Execution of combing and washing in accordance with the recommendations of the experts will restore the structure of the hair and return them to a healthy shine. There's also a different situation. The use of metal-care items, processing curls aggressive chemicals make them thin and brittle.
  3. stresses. Have a negative impact on the overall quality of life. They affect the functioning of the whole organism. That it does not prevent the phenomenon, it is recommended to try to keep peace of mind.
  4. Hormonal disbalance. Most often, women face with him in one of the three periods of life. So, adolescence can lead to an increase in fat content of hair, It will affect the density and volume. During childbearing pomp and a number of other factors may be reduced. Restore them and bring back the old density is not always possible and after childbirth. During menopause, there is a thinning and hair loss. Fix this problem allows the use of specialty drugs. Their selection should be carried out in conjunction with a specialist.
  5. Lack of vitamins. Particularly acute avitaminosis noticeable in winter and spring. Status affects the overall health of human. The situation can be corrected, propyl course of vitamins. His selection is carried out together with specialists. Regular consumption of vitamins will allow a person to feel better and lead to normal hair condition.
  6. Exposure to bad habits. Their presence contributes to the destruction inside the body. As long as they are present, do not look for the positive effects of the use of any means. He may not be visible on the general background. On the condition of the hair has the greatest negative impact of passive smoking. Improper diet will also lead to a weakening of curls and hair loss. The diet should be balanced. Its basis should be protein, fiber and vitamins.
  7. Effect of ultraviolet. Necessary to protect hair from sun exposure. Effect of UV radiation and high temperatures provoke drying. As a result, hair becomes brittle. In hot weather is better to wear a cap or hat. It is recommended to give preference to clothes made from natural materials. Try to avoid overheating. It is an additional stress on the body.
  8. The impact of bleaching, permanent staining. Effect of chemical composition can affect even the healthiest hair. If the stain can not be avoided, it is recommended to give preference to gentle colors. It is better, that they do not contain ammonia. Will benefit and the use of natural dyes. So, help lighten your hair is capable of chamomile broth. To give a dark hue is able to natural coffee, strong tea and dark beers.

care Regulations

To make hair thicker, observe top of the best tips from the experts. So, shampoo should be properly. You can not make too many procedures. If you wash your hair every day, sebaceous gland will function actively. Isolation increase secretion. This will cause, that curls begin quickly become greasy and messy look. As a result of constantly have to wash my head. It also thins hair and lead to hair loss and deterioration of appearance.

Produce shampoo must be lukewarm liquid. Hot water gets under the ban. This is necessary in order, so as not to disrupt the function of sweat and sebaceous glands. If the tap is flowing hard water, it is recommended to add a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice. This will soften it. As a result, the use of liquid would make the hair soft, shine and prolong the amount of time, during which they will stay clean. Quality Urban chlorinated water today is not characterized by high levels of. Therefore, experts recommend boiling the liquid to wash your hair and protect it at least a day.

hair loss

It is necessary to follow the diet. A woman should eat a balanced diet. This allows the hair follicles to provide the necessary nutrients and trace elements. Of their number depends on the state of health. Need to revise diet. In the menu, you need to add products, containing a large amount of protein. The substance is a natural building material, which is necessary to normalize the hair growth and renovation. To obtain the necessary amount of protein required to include in the diet of dairy products, meat, nuts. Of particular benefit will bring the use of products, containing carnitine. The substance responsible for strengthening the hair follicles and has a stimulating effect on them.

It is important to remember and vitamins necessary. It is particularly important to saturate the body with zinc and copper. Substances is possible to obtain in the use of cereals, vegetables and fruits, beef, yogurt, porcine liver and apples. Alternatively, you can use a multivitamin complexes. They contain all the necessary nutrients.

Producing a selection of means for care, We need to give priority to high-quality products. Making selection of shampoo, you need to pay attention to its composition. If there are sulphates in the facility, better stop using it. Substances affect the natural protective layer, removing it. As a result, hair becomes lifeless, dry and brittle. choosing balm, shampoo or conditioner, better to choose products containing natural oils, decoctions of herbs and other natural ingredients.

Precautions should relate to the use of shampoos and conditioners, contributing to increase the volume of hair. Such cosmetic products contain polymers and silicones. Enveloping each hair, they increase its thickness. hair heavier. If your hair strong and healthy, this fact does not hurt them. However, if they are weakened and thinning, means the application will only exacerbate hair loss. Such hair quickly get dirty and take the form of lifeless icicles. Producing a selection of means for care, it is not necessary to choose products, which are glued locks and aggravate their. It is necessary to abandon the use of products with the content of sulphates, other polymers and chemical components.

Should be revised and the process of care. Perform combing immediately after washing is not recommended. It is better to give yourself dry tresses. Apply heat styling tools to need as little as possible. This will provide an opportunity to reduce the risk of violations of the hair structure, as well as prevent the occurrence of breakage and dryness. It is better to give preference to a comb with a few teeth.

Experts recommend the use of accessories made from natural materials. Today the popularity earned combs made of bone or wood. It is not necessary to use a large amount of air conditioner, varnish or gel. They contribute to dry up hair. It is necessary to protect the hair from the negative influence of the environment. The fibers are capable of absorbing harmful substances. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation, dust, of wind, tobacco smoke and exhaust gases also has a negative effect. Going out into the street in a hot season, it is recommended to wear a hat. We should not be exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

Top Tips to restore hair density

figuring out, how to make your hair thicker and thicker, a woman may resort to one of the methods developed by specialists. So, strengthen the hair and improve their self-massage can help. It enhances the blood flow, which leads to improved curl supply of nutrients and oxygen. At the same time carried out the normalization process of cellular respiration and metabolism. Happening strengthening the hair roots. Fix problems with the functioning of the sebaceous glands. As a result, locks growth accelerates. They become thicker and acquire volume.

Perform self-massage is simple. Learn how you can implement it by means of viewing movies. The essence of the impact of the procedure consists in the alternation of different techniques. It is necessary to carry out the tapping, stroking and rubbing. They are produced in a circular motion. The impact must be performed in a clockwise direction. We need to move from the top to the forehead. If the technique fails to learn independently, better to turn to professional.

Help make hair thicker able aromaraschesyvanie. The method is based on the use of natural essential oils. They have a local irritant effect. As a result, blood flow to the scalp intensifies. It normalizes the power of the hair roots. As a result, hair can get the necessary minerals and vitamins. It strengthens and returns the volume and density. For the procedure following essential oils are used:

  • citrus;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • cedar;
  • sage;
  • tea tree;
  • rosemary.

To distribute funds evenly, 2-3 drops of the drug are applied to a wooden comb. After that, you need to carefully comb locks. Impact refuses from root to tip. Procedure is necessary for 1-2 weeks. Usually enough gap, to return the tresses density, pomp and health.

Help make hair thicker capable of grinding. It is recommended to use bath towels. Tresses were rinsed with water at room temperature. Next, you will tilt your head down. After that is necessary to take a towel and started to rub the scalp vigorously. The impact is performed in a circular motion. The procedure is performed until, until the heat sensation.

The procedure improves blood circulation. They begin to better oxygenated. As a result, improves metabolic processes. Hair follicles get all the necessary nutrients. If the procedure carried out regularly, hair becomes thick, strong. Perform rubbing need for 3-4 of the month. There are alternative methods, allows you to make your hair thicker. Improving the state of curl is performed using home methods, pharmaceutical products or salon treatment. Selection of an appropriate method depends on the amount of cash, that a person is willing to spend to combat the problem, individual preferences and characteristics of the situation.

pharmacy drugs

figuring out, whether it is possible to make hair thicker, To Call a Doctor. These problems involved trichologist. He will give advice on further treatment. Today in the pharmacy you can find a large number of cosmetic products, allowing to carry out hair care. Women often use natural oils. They are used for poultices for wrapping.butter

But this oil is slightly heated in a water bath. must, that it has reached a temperature 33-35 degrees. After that, funds are distributed along the entire length. Then head muffle polyethylene film. Top wraps a towel or handkerchief. Funds must be kept on the hair for a few hours. The hair is then washed. During the procedure is prohibited to use a mild shampoo. Rinse water is used, which had previously been soaked with vinegar or lemon.

Another popular means of pharmacy advocate vitamin complexes. It is better to give preference to Drugs, Designed specifically for thin and fragile hair. Bring benefit and vitamin mask. For their preparation used liquid vitamins A and E. They are sold in capsules or gelatin capsules. In pharmacies, there is also a wide range of masks, allowing to increase the density of hair. Present and caring preparations. it nutrikon, Revalid, Pantovigar and perfect. Selection of the drug is carried out depending on the requirements for price and quality.

salon treatment

If home treatments have not helped, make hair thicker capable salon treatment. The most simple and effective method of hair extensions in favor. With it will be possible to acquire a luxurious curls in a few hours. The procedure is the hot and cold. Artificial strands attached using the belt method or keratin capsules. However, the process is costly. Features of the effects depend on the willingness and financial capabilities of the client. Selection of artificial hair is carried out according to the texture and color of its own. They are difficult to distinguish from real hair. The strands are allowed to curl, wash, dry or stack. Today, popular Spanish, English and Italian technology. Joints artificial and natural strands invisible. They hold tight. Term socks up 4 months. Then, correction is needed to carry out.

Improve the condition of the hair is capable of conducting Botox. The procedure does not involve the injection. Hair treated with a special composition, who fills them useful substances and enhances the appearance. Increase the density of strands capable of laminating and keratinirovanie. During hair treatments are also treated with a special composition. However, it aims to create an external effect,. Means sealed hairs, increasing their thickness. As a result, the density increases. The effect persists several months. Then will perform the procedure again.

Using henna

If you want to make your hair thicker, able to help colorless henna. This is an inexpensive means of, promotes healthy scalp and improve hair condition. After it they become healthy and strong. colorless henna, as well as classic, envelops hair film. It protects from external influences and makes the hair thick and shiny. The result is visible after the first application. Hair will be more fluffy and thick. If you are applying means regularly, begin to grow new hair.

For the preparation of the product and should be taken to fill it with hot liquid. Then you need to let it cool. After that, the means applied to the entire length of hair. The scalp is also exposed. The product should be left to a couple of hours. Then it should be washed off, using large amounts of water. The final result is similar to the one, which can be achieved after lamination salon. Apply colorless henna can be once a week. It does not accept any damage to hair. The recipe is particularly suitable for owners of oily scalp. It is able to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Means having thickening effect on the curl. As a result, they become more dense.

Both substances are not harmful to the hair. However, later to get rid of the effect obtained is not easy. If a woman is planning a chemical staining paint, outcome may be unpredictable.

Lifestyle change

If a woman wants to make hair thicker, top top tips include advice on lifestyle changes. Man is going to give up bad habits. You need to adjust the power. It is necessary to introduce products, rich in vitamins and minerals, that can improve the condition of hair. The diet should be varied. The basis of the proteins and fiber. Fats and carbohydrates are the complement.Lifestyle

It is necessary to normalize the sleep mode. need to sleep. The rest period is dependent on the individual characteristics of the person. Movement of a woman's life should also be sufficient. It is not necessary to lead a sedentary lifestyle, but overwork is not recommended.

The use of masks

figuring out, how to strengthen the hair and make them dense, you can resort to the help of masks. They are used in the home. Cosmetic products are made from natural ingredients. Typically, oil is used, herbs and honey. Help make hair thicker capable of the following types of masks:

  1. Kedrovaя. To prepare means, you must take a handful of pine nuts. They are pre-cleaned. Then knead nuts. They need to add a small amount of water. At the output of the mass should have a thick consistency. Next is evaporated until the cedar jelly. The substance contains a unique list of vitamins. It is rich in microelements. To produce evaporation, must be placed in a preformed mass of ceramic pot. After that he was sent into the oven. You must use the oven, heated up 150 degrees. Milk must be cooled. However, we must not allow its full cooling. Means in the form of heat is applied to the hair roots. It is necessary to rub the mask. The procedure should be repeated every day for 2 months. Tools allow to make hair stronger and thicker, as well as to accelerate their growth.
  2. Yeast. It helps to strengthen the hair, accelerate their growth and satisfy the necessary materials. After applying means acquires volume hairstyle. To make a mask, you must take one tablespoon of yeast. used funds, sold in blocks. Then, the mass mixed with egg yolk. The resulting mixture is added herbal decoction. He varies depending on the hair color. If a woman is the owner of dark curls, used a decoction of oak bark, or St. John's wort. For red hair better suited calendula. For light use decoction of chamomile. The finished mass is placed in a warm place. Action is required to activate the yeast. Availability indicator serves the foam on the surface of the mass. When she appeared, it is necessary to add one tablespoon burdock oil. You can also use other esters. You can use lemons, pine or rosemary. The oil is added 5-6 droplet. Thereafter, the application of funds for the roots and the entire length. curls insulated. Weight is kept on the head during 40 minutes. In order to achieve a positive effect, you must repeat the procedure 10 time. It is performed once every three days.
  3. Of sour-milk products. Help make hair thicker capable sour, kefir or yogurt. Additional ingredients can not be added. Funds help hair growth, saturated their nutrient, confer with moisture and improve their update. Whey may be used during the washing. This will make the strands thicker and stronger.
  4. Honey-konyachnaya. It allows you to improve the structure of strands. Effect on hair follicles, activating them and stimulating growth. Mask strengthens curls and nutrition. To prepare means, It needs a raw egg yolk. This was mixed with one teaspoon of liquid honey. It should be a flower. The mass is added cognac and burdock. Alcohol should be qualitative. Sometimes castor oil is used instead of burdock. The resulting composition is rubbed into the hair roots. In addition, funds are allocated for curls and left for one hour. They need to be warm. To do this, hair is wound foil and a towel.
  5. protein. Suitable to owners of rare, quickly zhirneyuschih hair. The mask is prepared on the basis of egg whites. The protein must be separated from the yolk. The weight is sometimes added a few drops of lemon juice. Alternative acts of any citrus essential oil. Next, the mixture of massaging the scalp. Oil can have a regulating effect on the functioning of the sebaceous glands. With it is possible to remove the excess liquid and dry scalp. the composition of the base is carried out with cold water. The hot liquid can not be used. It takes place under the influence of protein folding. As a result, it will be difficult to remove from the hair.Hair Mask

emotional state

If you want to understand, how to make your hair thicker, reviews will help you choose the right way to solve the problem. What is important is the emotional and mental attitude. experts have proved, women live emotions. The better mood, the higher the quality of life. If women are worried about the state of curls, stress will only worsen their. In this situation, it is recommended to review the position in life and find the right solutions. Changing the mood may have an impact on the condition of the hair. There is a probability, that they will get shine and become thicker.

The natural density disappeared

If the hair was thick from nature, but subsequently lost the list of influences properties, the recovery process can be accelerated, if you act comprehensively. recovery time could be reduced to 2 weeks. It is necessary to revise the care curls, and begin to carry out massage and make masks. In addition, it is subject to a number of rules. If your hair is wet, strictly forbidden them to comb. Process harm the hair structure. As a result, they begin to break down at the roots. The rule is especially true, if the length is below shoulder.

In cold weather, you can not go to the street without a hat. Temperature has an effect not only on the human body, but also to the hair follicles. They can freeze. As a result, the follicle completely lose its ability to function. As a result, density of hair fall. During shampooing, do not use tap water, and mint, sage and chamomile tea. This will affect the density and volume of curls.

Better most of the time to spend with her hair. This helps to improve scalp circulation. Periodically need to trim the tips. The process should be repeated on a regular basis. If the hair whipped, you want to make a specialized mask. The food should be added vegetables, fish and fresh fruit. These products accelerate hair growth. From the status of the power locks it depends largely.

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