How to recover your password ICQ (iCQ)

If you have forgotten your password

Recover password on icq

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Almost every, who is friends with the Internet, uses for communication ICQ, or ICQ, as it is called in common parlance instant messaging in the global network. If the user has forgotten the password for your ICQ or broke it, the question: how to recover your password, to continue dialogue?

Recover password ICQ several ways:

  • logging on to the official website of this program,
  • using other options.

Official support

so, how to recover your password using ICQ's official website:

  • Go to the official website of ICQ, and enter data in the fields provided: ICQ number, the password that you want to restore, and numbers from the image (the so-called CAPTCHA).
  • After the correct filling of the data appears, that to e-mail, the user tied to this number ICQ, sent a letter with a link to the page, where possible password recovery.
  • Open this letter, pass on the proposed link and enter in the resulting window, a new password – it needs to be as complicated as possible, contain letters and numbers. Then you need to enter it again in the next field.
  • Click on the "Next" button and, seeing a message about the successful change of the password, log in to your ICQ with the new password .

spare solutions

You can also retrieve your ICQ with other options:

  • to recall answers to security questions, if they were given when registering;
  • find any program, showing the "hidden" passwords, if you save the password in the ICQ client, but just not visible under the stars;
  • to change the password of your account any localized partner ICQ Bigmir or Rambler, in this case, a forgotten icq password will also change;
  • try to guess the password to enter the numbers 1111111 or letters. But this method should be used, if all of the previous versions did not help: you can easily remove the password, which has been preserved under the stars;
  • using programs, crack passwords, eg, Password Cracker, DeCrypt or ICQ, which scans all your computer documents, where data is stored ICQ client and remove the cache of all stored when a user password.

If none of these methods have not helped to recover the password to your account in ICQ, then you need a new account in the client.

mission Impossible

Unfortunately, ICQ password can not be restored, if a:

  • account hacked by an experienced hacker,
  • e-mail, to which was attached uin, also hacked,
  • e-mail, which recorded ICQ number, blocked or deleted;
  • e-mail was not at all tied to the ICQ number;
  • forgotten password email, and answers to security questions.

For insurance from a long search for ways to recover lost passwords to any account the best solution is to write down the passwords and keep them secret from third parties.

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