15 Tips for eyebrow tattoo

Makeup allows a woman to emphasize the dignity of her appearance and hide flaws. However, its application has to spend a lot of time. To reduce this period,, You can perform tattooing eyebrows. The procedure gets rid of the need to produce staining and perform other manipulations. Eyebrows may look good for up to two years. However, after the procedure is necessary to care for the exposed area.
Eyebrow tattoo

What it is?

Permanent makeup eyebrows procedure, the essence of which is to correct the appearance of vectorization using small primes. Cosmetic special equipment is required for the process. During the procedure used pigment composition. Tattooing eyebrow is midway between the classical and makeup tattooing. The method used to make the brows clarity and beauty. The essence of the procedure consists in the introduction into the top layer of the skin color pigment.

The action is performed using fine needle. As a result, we can achieve the effect of hair. Correction gives a natural look. The eyebrows are groomed. They have a straight line. Using the method will be able to close the small scars in the areas of, where hairs do not grow. If there is to be an asymmetry, procedure will get rid of it. In addition, it will eliminate gaps in the growth of hair.

Having decided to tattoo eyebrows, a woman may have recourse to one of the existing techniques. The process is performed in salon. The appropriate method is selected depending on the type of person. Specialist aims to achieve a natural appearance. Similarly, the selection occurs hue coloring pigment. It should be on 1-2 darker than the main tone hair color. Taken into account and contraindications. Master can refuse to perform procedures or warn the client about the possible consequences. Depending on the particular task, one or more pigment coating techniques can be applied.

Wizard combines the skill of the artist and beautician. Professional can choose the expressive drawing eyebrows and shade, based on the features of a woman's face. The specialists try to minimally traumatize the skin. However, do not do no damage. During the introduction of coloring pigment, its integrity is violated. As a result, after the procedure will take time to heal. A woman should be prepared for such a.

existing types of

Tattooing eyebrows is divided into several types. In the salons of the wizard suggest women to resort to one of the two most popular ways of procedure. The pigment can be made under the skin using the hair or feather art. Inside of each method are also several types of procedures. So, hair method is divided into East and the European. Technique depends on the objectives pursued, zone, in which the compensation will be carried out, the most suitable type for the individual woman. If you are using the eastern machinery, drawing is carried out at a different angle. The width and stroke length may vary considerably. Professional craftsmen are able to use several techniques at the same time. This allows you to achieve the greatest positive effect. In this pre-created thumbnail.

Shading technique, in turn, is divided into several varieties. master can:

  • implement shotirovanie;
  • recourse to soft technology;
  • use both the method.

When shotirovanii created eyebrow contour. Staining is performed strictly within the selected zone. The paint is applied on the upper layer of the skin. When the soft type of background is blurred along the eyebrows. This allows for greater expressiveness. Such well-groomed eyebrows look. If you are using a mixed technique, hairs partially drawn. In this case, the entire length of the hair is performed light shading.

It can be used a classic staining technique. In this case, apply henna and Basma. However, after the procedure means quickly washed away. As a result, the dye will have to resort to aid re.

hurt if?

Tattooing eyebrows applied using special needles. They have different thicknesses. With their help it is done making colored pigment under the skin. means previously used, possess analgesic effect. Typically, the gel is used, which includes lidocaine or other anesthetic. However, many girls say, that the procedure has high morbidity.

discomfort level depends on the individual pain threshold and Technology, which is used. So, If you are spraying Powder, tolerate exposure quite easily. This is due to the fact, that the puncture depth is shallow. Besides, all the space is not filled with pigment eyebrow. However, such eyebrows kept considerably smaller. The procedure requires re-through of 1-1,5 of the year. Classic tattoo can last up to 3-5 years old. However, the process is more painful.

What kind of paint used?

Tattooing eyebrow is performed using a special paint. From her choice depends on the effect of the procedure and its duration. To carry out the tattoo is applied a special cosmetic composition. In conventional stores it is not for sale. It can be purchased only in specialized outlets. The tool is designed for use in professional procedures. Therefore perform tattooing eyebrows at home will not be possible. The pigment may be used alone or used after mixing.tattoo procedure

The effect achieved depends on the patterning competent, to be clear, as well as the correct color. If the wizard has made a mistake, eyebrows quickly lose form. There is a risk, that the pigment is melted. Another disadvantage of the procedure stands the risk of acquiring a pinkish hue. It is recommended to apply to masters, who use hypoallergenic means. They must be as safe as possible for the customer. This will minimize the risk of collision with the consequences, that may arise after the procedure.

When the tattoo is forbidden?

Tattooing eyebrows is not a difficult procedure. It does not bear significant risk to women's health. However, a number of states are an obstacle for the procedure. In this case, by tattooing is better to refuse and execute it after prior consultation with the doctor. Execution procedure is contraindicated in the following situations::

  • a woman bears a child or breastfeeding him;
  • there is poor blood clotting, or the woman is menstruating;
  • take place to be inflammatory processes in the body;
  • a woman has a mental disorder or epilepsy;
  • take place to be an allergic reaction to components of the composition;
  • present oncological disease or pathology somatic.

The choice of form

Selection of forms and colors are best left to professionals. Their proper choice depends on the final result of the procedure. Not always a person on the nature gets the shape and color of eyebrows, which suits him. Therefore it is necessary to prepare for the significant correction. Professionals have developed a technique, which allows you to choose the perfect eyebrows. It is necessary to ensure that, that the following rules:

  1. The beginning of the brow should be located at the point, where an imaginary line ends, lined by the nasal alar through the inner corner of the eye.
  2. The second point is located at the intersection of the eyebrows and the line, drawn through the wing of the nose and the middle of the pupil. This is the highest point of the eyebrows bend.
  3. Eyebrow should end at the point, which is located on the extension line, drawn through the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.

Pigment selection is made depending on hair color. If a girl is the owner of blond curls, for tattoo encouraged to pick up a light, but a few shades darker. So, in this situation the procedure can be used with paints of a light brown shade. If a woman is a brunette and has fair skin, it fit cold colors. It can be dark brown. If the owner wants to perform the procedure red or brown hair curls, commonly used color chocolate.

Stages of the procedure

Tattoo eyebrows in several steps. The following scheme:

  1. A woman comes salon and announces his desire to perform tattooing eyebrows. The effect persists for a long time. This is not only an advantage, but the lack of procedures. When tattooing eyebrows, photos which you can see in the article, I made wrong, remove coloring pigment is problematic. Therefore necessary to address to the audited master, had time to earn positive reviews.
  2. During a conversation with a woman he describes the result of a master, which wants to achieve. In addition, it turns out the absence of contraindications. If the procedure can be carried out, selection is made suitable shade. When a color is selected, made Tested. The procedure is aimed at identifying the individual intolerance of components of the composition.
  3. If the test is successful, Master outline the ideal contour eyebrows. client's hair will be removed under a hat. The forehead should remain open during the entire process.
  4. Master would get the needle, with which will be executed tattooing eyebrows. It should be in sealed packages. An autopsy performed at the client. She then established a special unit.

The procedure is unpleasant. Adding pigment under the skin leads to pain. Therefore, pre-made anesthesia. To do this, apply a special cream. Instead it may be used gels or solutions, having suitable properties. The analgesic is applied to the eyebrows themselves and the surrounding areas. Means starts to act very quickly.

When anesthesia is used, It begins administering pigment under the skin. The process is repeated three to four times. The action is carried out in order, to get a more intense shade. Part colors will spontaneously on the surface of the eyebrows. Master remove it with a cotton disk. It should be wetted disinfectant. In this case, preference is given to media, a composition which does not include alcohol. Wiping with a cotton pad is performed several times. The master device will increase by several times back and hairs.

When making pigment under the skin is completed, made final processing. To do it, use an antibacterial composition. It speeds up the healing of micro, applied during the procedure.procedure

Tattooing eyebrows takes a lot of time. The minimum duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. The exact duration depends on the individual and the amount of work. The application of pigment into the skin and perform all the follow-up can take up to 1,5 o'clock.


If she decided to make permanent makeup eyebrows, it should be ready to, that after the procedure will have to take the time to care for the eyebrows. This will speed up the healing. Only then will be able to see the final result of the procedure. Care eyebrows after tattooing includes compliance with the following rules:

  1. In the area of ​​the eyebrows can not use cosmetics. Rule applies until, yet formed scabs fall off. Their appearance is normal. During the master forced to traumatize the skin treatments, introducing under it pigment. The body reacts to what is happening, highlighting sanies. As a result, after the procedure excrescences formed congealed.
  2. unstick, take off, to strip or remove the crust in other ways is strictly prohibited. They advocate a kind of barrier against the penetration of the body's infection and should remain on the skin until complete healing. When the process is completed, scabs begin to fall off on their own.
  3. In the first two days after the procedure is not recommended to wet eyebrows.
  4. Eyebrows after tattooing need to be processed. Facilities, to be selected for the implementation of the action, It recommended to coordinate with the master. Usually applied wound healing and anti-inflammatory drugs. So, often used Bepanten.
  5. After the procedure required correction. Typically, re-session held by 2-3 of the week. This will help to achieve the final result.
  6. If the pain continues to bother Woman, and there festering, an urgent need to see a specialist.

Tattooing eyebrows hair by, or otherwise does not always work well. If a woman does not like the final result, try to make the paint to lighten or remove it yourself is not worth. All attempts will lead to a negative result. There is a risk of complications. Eyebrow tattoo removal is possible only in conditions of beauty. Getting rid of the results of the procedure is done by laser.

resistance tattoo

Hair tattooing eyebrows, or result Procedure, performed by another method, It keeps for a long time. Saturated color is maintained by 6 months before 1,5 years old. Then the pigment begins to burn. pinkish flower. The result of the tattoo can lighten or completely preserved for several years. The exact time depends on the following factors:

  1. the woman's age, reshivsheysya on tattoo. In the young organism metabolism is accelerated. As a result, all foreign components appear faster. Painting perceived by the body, as a foreign object. He seeks to remove it as quickly as possible. It means, that tattoo, performed at a younger age, disappear quickly, than in older women.
  2. The impact of external factors. The face is an open part of the body. It is not protected by clothing. As a result, the face more than other parts of the body exposed to the environment. Wind, heat, cold affect the condition of permanent makeup, accelerating its destruction. If a woman watching bad eyebrows, rarely use creams and other means, it will accelerate the impact of negative factors and lead to, the result will disappear faster.
  3. Color used during the coloring pigment procedures. proved, that dark colors are kept much longer. Light shades will lose their saturation. As a result, there is a need for more frequent re-process.
  4. skin type women. If it is oily, a coloring pigment will be removed faster. Owners of dry skin will be able to save the result of the procedure is much longer.
  5. Periodically tattoo eyebrows requires correction. It must carry out in order, that the person did not lose attractive appearance. Over time, permanent makeup eyebrows is more faded and blurred. As soon as it happened, You need to re-visit a specialist. Period, after which the need to perform the correction of eyebrows tattoo, determined individually. But if a woman saw, eyebrows have become more dull, acquired a pinkish hue, and drawing strokes began to blur, You need to enroll again until the master. If a woman does not want to re-perform the procedure, remnants of the tattoo is recommended to remove. The process is carried out using a laser.result

Tattoo and pregnancy

During pregnancy and lactation, a woman must carefully monitor the state of health. All unnecessary procedures recommended to refuse. Tattooing eyebrows also is best not to carry out. The process leads to, that the integrity of the skin is broken. In her submitted foreign components. During pregnancy, the body is very sensitive to changes. However, the reaction may not be the, like a woman's body as a normal state. This is due to the significant hormonal changes. The result of the procedure can be an. Eyebrow able to give not the effect, which wants to woman.

Tattooing eyebrows involves a violation of the integrity of skin, on the body responds by pain. Without anesthesia endure the procedure problematic. Woman to move the process easier, used painkillers. During pregnancy, the use of drugs is not recommended. They are able to affect the health of the child. Because the procedure will be dangerous at any time during pregnancy and for six months from the date of birth of the child. Only after, as that term is completed, allowed to carry out any application of permanent make-up procedures.

Tattoo and menstruation

This leads to changes in a woman's body. However, they differ from those, to be faced during pregnancy. During menstruation there is also a change in hormonal levels and psycho-emotional state. Pain threshold below. Tattooing eyebrows will be associated with the occurrence of unpleasant sensations. They can collide, even if the applied anesthesia. Through 12 hours after the treatment of pain is a natural phenomenon.

During menstruation, experts also recommended to refuse to perform tattooing eyebrows. It is better to carry out the procedure after, as the period end. proved, menstruation can reduce the vitality of the body. This affects the process of wound healing. This period is associated with increased morbidity level. Healing is slower.

Price and Features

If a woman has decided to perform tattooing eyebrows, procedure, the price may vary significantly. The index value is directly dependent on the master, which it is planned to appeal. Today perform at home service. Such experts are asked for the procedure less. And not always turn out to be worse than experts services, than doing the procedure in the salon. range of prices is large enough. Price starts from procedure 1,5 thousand rubles. The maximum cost can go up to 10000 and higher.

Tattooing eyebrows requires no special knowledge. Learn how to make it really easy. Therefore, experts in this area a lot. Today, there are special courses. many masters, wanting to save money on office lease, work at home. However, the quality of service provided can vary significantly. So you should approach the selection of a specialist with high care. It is better to give preference to professionals, work within salons or clinics. Their services will cost more, but these professionals are responsible for the result. Producing a selection of specialist, should see examples of his work. Contact need only to master, most of the work is like a woman.

It is important to safety. The needle should be unpacked at the customer. If the wizard is about to perform a needle procedure, previously used, must abandon its implementation, even if the price is lower. Violation of safety is fraught with contamination of deadly diseases.

tattoo removal

Eyebrow Tattooing is highly resistant. Remove its familiar tools will not work. If the result of the procedure the woman is not satisfied, You need to contact the salon. Today, many of them offer tattoo removal Eyebrow. The easiest way to get rid of the unwanted results of the procedure, which was performed using the plant pigments. It does not matter, what technique is performed tattoo.

It is relatively easy to remove and Powder spraying. The fact, in that shallow skin injected with procedures coloring pigment. When a natural regeneration of the epidermis, independently body gets rid of dye. In these situations, be able to perform their own tattoo removal. To do this will need to purchase a professional liquid, which is used for bleaching tattoos. And is able to help hydrogen peroxide solution, It requires a three-percent liquid.

However, this method to completely remove the picture is not always possible. Difficulties arise in the case of performing the classic tattoo eyebrows. To get rid of persistent mineral dyes, It needs to undergo a few sessions. Removal of the cabin is performed by laser.

Pros and cons of the method

Razbirayasy, whether it is possible to do permanent makeup eyebrows, it is recommended to study the advantages and disadvantages of the method. Performing the procedure due to the following advantages:

  • woman will save time for applying makeup;
  • method allows you to create a new look;
  • the result will remain permanently;
  • she always looks well-groomed;
  • method allows you to mask the existing scars;
  • there are many different techniques, it was allowed to perform the procedure, taking into account individual characteristics.permanent eyebrows

However, the method is associated with a large number of deficiencies. Deciding to perform tattooing eyebrows, should be ready for the following consequences:

  • if the master is not a professional, you can get ugly shape, get rid of that in the future it will be very difficult;
  • session is associated with a number of painful sensations, even though the use of anesthesia;
  • with age, the skin begins to sag, and with it the sagging permanent makeup, that looks very ugly;
  • If you do tattoo eyebrows regularly, by needles appear grooves, and the skin will lose elasticity;
  • if tattooing eyebrows was made unsuccessfully, for its removal will need to spend a lot of time and money.

Features, causing wariness

Reviews of tattooing eyebrows are very different. Many are satisfied with the final result. However, there are those, who strongly recommends the implementation of the action. Their opinion, they confirm a number of reasons. So, Today, tattooing eyebrows looks old-fashioned. In vogue natural and organic line. Even if the procedure was performed by a professional, tattoo will not look exactly the same, like real eyebrows. girls, took advantage of permanent makeup, gradually begin to abandon it.

Get rid of the tattoo eyebrows very problematic. The effect of different treatments increased resistance. It is stored from six months to 2 years old. In this case, perform tattooing eyebrows manage well does not always. Masters are very often faced with the, that they are accessed by women, wishing to get rid of the consequences of a failed procedure. For it is required to pay additional funds. Moreover, one session is not always enough.

Remove tattoo eyebrow will be possible only in the interior conditions. The procedure is carried out using a laser. The process is quite expensive. One procedure is required to pay by 1000 rub.

Tattooing eyebrows ages. Figure looks unnatural. Even if the paint is well matched, apparently the woman's age can add on 5 years old. Constant exposure to needles skin condition worsens. It loses its elasticity and sag faster.

Even the most professional master is able to make a mistake. Today commonly used 3D tattoo, during which you are drawing each hair. In theory, the procedure ensures a stable positive effect. In practice, to achieve such a result is difficult. Most often, a specialist chooses too dark pigment. In this situation, the salon can offer a woman a little free laser to lighten eyebrows. One procedure to perform an action may not be enough. Cases and more nasty bugs. So, eyebrow can draw asymmetrically. In this case, you may need to complete removal of low-quality results. Not always master, made a mistake, agree to perform the action for free.

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