10 care tips for eyebrows at home

To look beautiful, necessary to carry out self-care. Attention should be given to each body part. Eyebrow care is no exception. They allow you to make the look more expressive. Groomed eyebrows can spoil the image. Keep them in a neat condition is easy. The process takes a few minutes a day.
Eyebrow Care

What tools need to purchase?

Eyebrow care begins with the acquisition of tools. In order to give the desired shape and beautiful appearance is required:

  1. tweezers. metal objects, allowing to make removal of small hairs. Preference should be given a metal tool. It is better, If tweezers is made of medical steel. exercising choice, worth looking at the tips of the tools. Need to, to be sharpened and flat. Between the tips should be no gap. A good tool they are in close contact with each other. Such a device can easily remove unwanted hairs by the root. The tool needs to be disinfected. The process required to produce each time after use.
  2. Pencil. Sometimes used instead paint. It allows you to keep the effect for a long period of time. Paint or pencil eyebrows can give the desired shade. His selection is carried out individually.
  3. Wax. With it made removal of superfluous hairs. Obychno wax is used during the procedure in salons. Domestic use is also possible. However, to carry out the removal of hair wax need maximum care. There is a risk to remove too much or damaged area. Application of wax can provoke an allergic reaction. Therefore, before the procedure you need to perform a test for its absence.
  4. Butter. natural substance, able to give your hair shine. It saturates the nutrients, improving their condition. It is recommended to apply oil bedtime. Positively proven burdock, castor and olive oil. Easy to get a cure. Its purchase may be effected at any pharmacy
  5. Gel. It allows you to perform styling and gives the desired shape. Additionally means feeds and nourishes the necessary materials. Gels have varying degrees of fixation. If it is small, Using the eyebrows give a neat appearance, preserve the natural. Products with high degree of fixation will allow to keep the resulting shape for a long period of time.

Daily Care Tips

Eyebrow Grooming should be done on a daily basis. The process is not time-consuming. To carry out actions that require only a few minutes. Eyebrows need to comb. For this purpose it is to buy a special brush. Alternatively, you can use a brush from under the carcass. It must be well washed. Allowed to use the toothbrush. It should have soft hairs. performing combing, You can use a small amount of oil.

Experts have proven high efficiency massage. He is able to stimulate hair growth. To do this, it must be carried out daily. We must not forget to wash off makeup. You need to remove it every night. can not be used for the implementation of procedures soap. It is better to give preference to a special jelly. It is important to ensure that, so that it does not include an aggressive components.

The use of decorative cosmetics

Applying makeup to create the ideal eyebrow. However, it means is cause fluid imbalance in this area. A similar phenomenon can provoke peeling of the skin and even cause hair loss. Therefore, the selection of cosmetic products must be approached carefully. It should observe the following rules:

  1. Pay attention to the date and shelf life. cosmetic quality is directly dependent on, how long they lay on the counter. According to statistics, Many shops do not comply with retention rules. As a result, product quality significantly deteriorates.
  2. The high price of a cosmetic is not always evidence of high quality of the goods. In order not to be faced with bad products, previously advised to read the reviews on the Internet. The study of the views of users, already tried means, It allows an idea of ​​its properties.
  3. Pay attention to product conformity to sanitary norms. All cosmetic products today must undergo certification and safety tests. Information about them must be present on the packaging.
  4. The modern market of cosmetic products is diverse products. The abundance of goods, advertising campaign and a well-designed packaging can mislead any. By choosing cosmetics approached carefully.
  5. With embellishment eyebrows should not overdo it. In that situation the person will look vulgar and unnatural. It is recommended to slightly shade the natural eyebrow shape. It would highlight their natural beauty. To do this will need to purchase a special pencil. It is better to give preference to solid medium. This will allow the makeup does not spread. As a result, the woman will look natural. Hue pencil should be a tone or 2 darker than the main color of hair.
  6. Touching up eyebrows necessary, putting the finishing touches there, where there are no hairs. Then it is recommended to walk on the field with a brush for blush. This will make the pencil lines less noticeable. You can perform touch up brows with eye shadow. It is recommended to take a brush and shade shadows along the line of hair growth. It should use a thin brush. Shade selection is also performed in compliance with the basic rules – it has to be a tone or two darker, What are the main hair.

correct geometry

The basic procedure while caring for their acts eyebrows correction. During the procedure can be obtained natural line, which looks neat and visually accentuates the beauty of the eyes. Protruding hairs should not be. They immediately removed. They need to pull out. The process should carry out for some time before applying makeup. Hair removal provokes the appearance of redness. It will disappear only after some time. It is recommended procedure in daylight. This will allow a better view of the unwanted hairs. Carry out the procedure stands at the window.

It is important to choose the right brow shape. It is determined individually and depends on the facial features. It is better to trust in choosing the form of a specialist. However, the selection can be performed independently and. To carry out the process, a pen or pencil. The subject must take upright and attach to one of the wings of the nose. A place, in which the auxiliary object touches the nose bridge, will act as the first point. At this point, the eyebrow should begin. If the hairs are beyond, they need to pull out.eyebrow coloring

To find a location 2 score, You need to make a pencil to the wing nose and hold a diagonal through the center of the eye. In the place, where the tool will meet with other, and will be located 2 point. This place is situated eyebrows bend. from 1 to 2 points it should gradually taper. This effect can be achieved in the process of plucking. However, it is not necessary to do the eyebrows are too narrow. In another situation, women risk losing their natural form. Wide enough eyebrows look more natural.

Then you need to find the last point. This is the place eyebrows completion. It is necessary to re-attach the pen to the nostril, but now hold a diagonal across the corner of the eye. There, where the device touches the eyebrow, and the end will be located. All hairs, which are located outside the area, must be removed. To achieve the ideal eyebrow shape, should take into account a number of rules:

  1. It recommended that the process be done with a brush. Thus as a cosmetic agent used shade.
  2. If the hairs are too dark, they are encouraged to lighten.
  3. The width of the eyebrows over the entire length should vary. So, by the end of the restriction is necessary to implement.
  4. It is necessary to ensure that, so eyebrows were symmetrical. They are able to decorate the face and add zest to it. Asymmetrical eyebrows lead to warping.
  5. The shape of eyebrows can be fixed. It is recommended to use a special gel.
  6. Do not be too hard to paint the eyebrows. This gives the image of a woman vulgarity.
  7. The thickness of the eyebrows is directly dependent on the size of the eye. They are more than, the wider the eyebrows. A similar rule applies to the bulk of the lips.
  8. Shape of the eyebrows should be clear. Compliance with the rules give the image of completeness.
  9. If the nature of the eyebrows are lowered, this feature is necessary to adjust. The expression of a woman's face that situation is sad.

Shape eyebrows and depends on the type of person. So, from owners of the oval type, they should be arched. If a person is narrow, eyebrows should give a straight form. However, they should be a little distant from the bridge of the nose. Do the owners of the eyebrows round face should be directed to the upper edge of the ear. It means, it is necessary to slightly raise the visual line-up and the end of the round. If a diamond-shaped face, eyebrows should be slightly raised up. Women with a square face arched eyebrows suit. Another option are the long and raised. Thus eyebrows should be directed towards the middle ear.

How to achieve the desired shape?

Implementing Eyebrow Care, it is important to achieve the desired shape. There are a few secrets, simplifying the implementation of the action. So, before eyebrow plucking them better tint. This allows you to see a picture expressed. The risk of removing superfluous hair to fall. Initially recommended filler-filler. It will give eyebrows volume. As a result, the shape will be better seen. Only then should seek the help of tweezers.

Sometimes, to achieve beautiful form is not possible because of the hairs, which knocked out of circuit limits. In this situation, you can enlist the help of a hairstyle. Originally, however, should have recourse to a special brush or comb. With their help, you need to comb all the hair up. Only then can resort to the help of scissors. Or you want to remove all out of the general form of hairs. After the implementation of the action procedure is repeated again. To perform the actions required to get special scissors. They should be slightly rounded. This will reduce the chance of injury due to the awkward movements.

Vyŝipyvanie tweezers

Implementing Eyebrow Care, women usually produce forms of correction using tweezers. The process is not associated with difficulties. To perform an action, You need to get a tool, simplifies procedures. The procedure is not associated with the most pleasant sensations. However, pain can be reduced. For this purpose we make a steam bath before, how to start plucking. The alternative serves a hot compress. Its temperature should be moderate.

Producing correction procedure, We need to be cautious. Spoil the shape is very easy. Correct it will be possible only after, as remote hairs grow. To perform an action is required at least one month.care

coloring eyebrows

It is very important to choose the right and eyebrow tint. It should be on 1-2 shades darker, than natural hair. No need to give preference too dark shades. It looks ugly. For perfect shade is recommended to mix the two most appropriate color. This will help achieve a good result. Needless staining is performed in compliance with the rules:

  1. No need to be painted at the same time both eyebrows. If a woman performs a process of self, better focus on them one by one.
  2. All the materials you need to prepare in advance for the implementation process. For the implementation of the action needed brush, paint, cream, cotton pads. Timely preparation saves a woman from having to search for the desired item in the dyeing process. If all the necessary will be at hand, result may unpredictable.
  3. The paint should be prepared strictly according to instructions. If it seems, that the coloring pigment is too light, no need to increase the concentration, he gradually darken.
  4. The composition is applied to the bridge from the temple.
  5. Hold means to need to order the hair 5-10 minutes. The exact period depending on the shade, which a person wants to achieve. Wash to remove the composition is not necessary. He removed with a cotton disk. The tool must be pre-moisten in water. It should be warm.
  6. Before painting, it is recommended to treat the skin around the eyebrows cream. This will prevent the pigment deposition on unwanted areas.
  7. After the procedure, you may be encountered with the, one eyebrow that turned darker another. In this situation, the need to produce ink flushing again. To implement the procedure recommended gel or soap.

Using wax

Implementing Eyebrow Care, You can have recourse to alternative procedures to remove hair. So, to achieve the desired shape can be using depilatory wax. However, the procedure is demanding on the length of hair. It should not be more than 5 mm. Must be applied by means of hair growth. The method allows to give the desired shape eyebrows. When the wax is applied, superimposed on top of a special lane. During the procedure, it will be removed with a jerk. The action is carried out after, as a means to harden the skin. Carrying out the process requires increased caution. In that situation there is a risk to cause injury. When the manipulation is made, should take measures to prevent possible irritation. For this purpose, a soothing cream.

If you made permanent makeup

Care of the eyebrows may be performed using the product of a number of procedures. So, one of them serves tattoo. The method consists in driving a colored pigment under the skin. It performed a similar manner tattooing. As a result, the need for daily stain disappears. However, the procedure will give the desired effect only if, if people will exercise proper care of eyebrows after tattooing.

The process involves breach of integrity of the skin during application of the coloring pigment under it. As a result, some time will be the allocation of ichor. To remove it is necessary to use cotton pads. Using them require wet portion. The action is performed periodically. As a result, the eyebrows formed a crust. Delete it or disrupt in any way is strictly prohibited. Gradually, it will disappear on their own. Performing hygienic procedures, should try not to touch the eyebrows. Produce wiping person need the most carefully.

Gradually, the color may fade. However, this effect can be avoided, if you avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Within a month after the treatment area is processed sunscreen.Eyebrow tattoo

Applying oil

Eyebrow care should include the application of oil. This natural substance, able to increase the density of the eyebrows. The effect is achieved due to the lack of replenishment of vitamins. The procedure does not take much time. It is easy to fulfillment, and the oil is not high price differs. However, after the effect will exceed the expectations of many procedures.

oil deposition is performed after the evening brushing. For the procedure required cotton pads. They are soaked in oil, and then put on eyebrows. Keep on the face means necessary for 10-15 minutes. When the time will come, to wipe the area with a napkin. Then comb the eyebrows. That the procedure had the maximum effect, it must be repeated continuously. It is recommended to carry out the impact of two to three times a week.

Using gel

To care for the eyebrows after any treatments or without performing drawing may require gel. The process is carried out, if the unruly hairs and stick out in different directions. The product has high fixation. It will allow to get the desired shape for a day. Means easy to apply. It is sold in a special bottle, application which acts as a brush. With the help of the means is applied to the eyebrows.

Experts advise overlay gel initially in an upward direction. Then you can give the desired shape eyebrows. Today, manufacturers produce clear and colored gel. Giving preference to the second embodiment, woman will be able to achieve more saturated color. The gel should not be left on the face for the night. Before going to sleep, he washed off. To do this, use a napkin. It must be pre-moisten in water.

If a special gel for care can not be purchased for eyebrows, You can use a standard tool for hair. In this situation, the need to put it on a small number of brush. If it does not, can serve as a substitute for a toothbrush or well washed out of the carcass. Then, using them means smeared across the line. The smooth shape of the eyebrows, who have not knocked aside any hair, give sight expressiveness. The effect will continue throughout the day. The use of funds should be included in the daily care of the eyebrows.

Serum for growth

Today, too thin lines are not in fashion. Popularity earned enough thick lush eyebrows. However, the hair in this area are growing at the same rate, not all women. If a girl wants to grow a lush eyebrows, it is recommended to use serum for growth. Most of them in favor of cheap castor oil. It has the effect of air-conditioning. After its application, eyebrows are bushy and acquire natural shade. The facility can be used in the care of eyelashes.

Folk remedies

Care should include their hydration. Not be amiss and performing procedures, allow to saturate hair with nutrients. You do not have to buy expensive tools. Possible implementation of the action with the help of the popular methods. So, positive reputation earned packs of medicinal herbs. They can be made with the use of tea or nettle. Additionally, it is recommended to apply on eyebrow castor oil. It makes them darker.

In addition, the positive effect of strengthening acts. Elixir for growth you can prepare yourself. This will require only eggs. needs yolk. It needs to be carefully applied on a cotton swab, and then spread evenly over the entire area. Drawing can be performed and by means of a cotton swab. Mask should be kept for 15 minutes. A good way to bring the hair back to normal advocates the use of natural oils. Proved to be effective:

  • kastorovoe;
  • linseed;
  • almond.

They can be used, if a woman wants to grow eyebrows. Means accelerate the growth and development of hair, improving the appearance of the area. Are the benefits and self-massage. It promotes better blood circulation. To perform the procedure on their own, it is recommended to use a toothbrush. It should have soft bristles. Pre to dip it in the selected oil, and then a few times to hold the line of hair growth. Massage will benefit greatly, If a woman uses to conduct its natural oils. They should have a supply effect.kastorovoe butter

Care after mikrobleydinga

Mikrobleydingom called a special technique, when using the pigment which is carried out manually by drawing. Master devices using thin strips makes pigment. The technology allows for the visual volume. Method Allows for a long period of time does not impose on the eyebrow makeup. Women will have a beautiful and natural shape. The resulting effect can store up 2 years old, if a woman will exercise proper care of eyebrows after mikrobleydinga. secrete 2 main methods, allowing to carry out actions. The process may be performed using vaseline. Ointment specialist inflict on their own after the process. It must hold at least an hour on the eyebrows. Then you need to make washing with warm water.

After the procedure, the woman can be confusing pain. To remove them, it is recommended to take cosmetic Vaseline and apply it on the eyebrow area. Means is recommended to leave 3 o'clock. The procedure must be repeated three times. This is the minimum amount of time. When the pass day after session, you must remove the Vaseline. Eyebrows are wiped with a napkin. Next, the re-application of funds. Perform actions have hitherto, until the crust is not fully come. Typically, the implementation of actions required to spend 9 days.

Experts advise to always have with you Vaseline. If a woman feels, that the area of ​​the eyebrows became too dry, and the skin is constricted, is recommended that the application of funds for the eyebrows. If done the right care, legs will not arise. In this situation, women will notice as soon as the film, which soon will disappear by itself. But then his eyebrows brighten. As long as the procedure lasts for healing, advised not to:

  • eating too much spicy food;
  • a hike in the bath, pool, sauna and gym;
  • Use decorative cosmetics, scrubs or peels;
  • receiving a hot bath or shower.

A woman should be prepared in advance by the, up care after the procedure, you need to spend about 14 days. An alternative to petrolatum acts Bepanten. It promotes the healing of small wounds, which remain after the treatment. During 2 days of them will stand ichor. Do not be afraid of this phenomenon. This is perfectly normal. We need to produce processing damage. This will prevent the occurrence of inflammation. If you ignore the rules, as a result, you may receive a crust. This will cause, the effect after the procedure will be less noticeable or absent altogether. After 3 eyebrows days will be pronounced. The skin starts to peel off. However, you should not remove the crust. lot, which began the process, You need to constantly moisturize.

For this purpose Bepanten cream. It should carry. Once there the feeling of dryness, it is recommended to put it on the eyebrows. In addition, permitted the use of the mask of chamomile. It facilitates the recovery procedure and has a calming effect on irritated portion. On the recovery shown by the fact, that the skin turned pink. As a result, the eyebrows will pale. However, they subsequently become bright. No worries.

Care after henna

Eyebrow Care after henna is different complexity. The procedure is identical regardless of whether, which tool was used for the process. After the henna can not wash with harsh detergents. Fall under the ban and tonics, which include the alcohol. If a woman wants to go to the sauna, go to the pool or take a dip elsewhere, It recommended to treat the eyebrow cream or butter. This will allow longer-lasting color. After staining it is recommended to follow the order within a few days, so that direct sunlight does not fall on the area. Coloring pigment is not just coats the hair, but penetrates. As a result, the reaction continues and after the procedure.

It is not necessary to wipe the brow with a towel or cotton pad. This will reduce the likelihood of premature erasure color pigment. During the day, the paint remains fragile. During this period it is necessary to minimize the probability of contact with water. During 7 days should avoid exposure to high temperatures. They also increase the chance of accelerating the leaching of pigment. If you want to, correction may be performed immediately after the session.

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